Toys ‘R’ Us founder Charles Lazarus dies days after the chain says it’s closing

Mitt Romney did this.

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Why should I give a fuck?

he was 49 years old

This shit should have been closed a decade ago.

>Charles Lazarus


Sad. It was the only thing keeping him going. Lots of guys like this in the trades. All they know is work, so when they retire they die soon after. I will never be one of these people.

The American dream.

He didn't work he sold the company in the 90s to Bain Capital. I think seeing the company die just broke the old man's heart. He thought it was going to go on forever and it died in his lifetime. Driven to the ground by incompetent managers nonetheless. They didn't love the company like he did and it showed in the way they didn't update their stores, had a fucking idiotic business strategy, and thought they were hot shit just because they owned the brand name. Rip Chucky Lazz

They must have put 10,000 small toy shops out of business first

Holy shit that pic is from like 1991.


But honestly, that's poor management for not realising that the internet made them uncompetitive.

Yep. Part of me is sad that a part of my childhood is gone.
Part of me is glad that these corporate eyesores in our community are becoming uncompetitive.

It will be interesting to see what ends up replacing the malls once they're all demolished. Would be nice to just let nature retake them.

I remember getting up early in the morning waiting for the new pokemon fossil cards to come out at TRU. They even hosted pokemon and yugioh tournaments back then. Good times...


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RIP, he already looked old in 94


> it showed in the way they didn't update their stores, had a fucking idiotic business strategy
Can you elaborate. Toys r us never really got a foothold in my country, a local brand dominates

(((Charles Lazarus)))

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Hes not coming back from the dead

Those stores were sleazy as fuck tbqh.

He looks like a pedo creep in this commercial. I didnt want to say anything due to the bio in the first OP link, but that sounded pedo as well "his eyes would light up with children playing"

Creepy if you ask me. I'll miss the pokemon TCG mondays, but meh, retailers are on there way out, and this isnt as sad as Blockbuster for instance

>94 years old.

Do you think he was poisoned?

>inb4 Lazarus rising from the grave

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plus 45 years

As a 90's kid toys r us ripped my mom off hard. Everything was overpriced. Hills and Kmart were cheaper.

>were u molested

Whoa...this is the power....of the alt right...

>He looks like a pedo creep in this commercial.
He looks jewish, so yeah, basically.

This. Really hoping all those huge gigantic malls get replaced by parks

First thing I thought too. The bio was like, "I dont want to jump to conclusions now". But the commercial sealed it

fuck kike romney


he was 94 you idiot. stop fear mongering

Someone shop' pink wojacks into this

where do you guys live where malls are dying so hard? Malls are thriving around here.

can't have capitalist fun'n'games in new the New Communist Republic, formerly know as the United States of America...

big things going on, people...
big things...
get ready for the gulags...

Amazon rekkt these kind of stores.