AMB Moon Mission

Last 12-24 hours to get in.

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10k reporting in, will I make it?

Whats happening in 12-24 hours? Sould I dump my ICX and go all in AMB?

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25k hoping it's enough

While they haven't slated a date, they've said that the following information is going to be released through the week:

1. The CEO is about to start a media blitz to clear all the fake news FUD like Vlad Trifa (the guy who practically invented IoT) 'supposedly' leaving the team.

2. KimchiWhale has been whispering about another partnership announcement.

3. Official master node and general token economics announcement. Rumor has it you will need 10k for a master node.

4. Main net v0.9 launches next month.

youre fucked.

What benefits will you get from a master node? Or has that yet to be disclosed?
Thanks for the info :)

Chad CEO is going to have another melt down

It's gonna be disclosed sometime this week. So far it looks like they're going for a spin on VeChain's GAS system generation, but that needs to be formally verified.

loser coin

Cya all next week!

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Chadsetti said big news being released early this week. Get in now.

don't lie, it's not this week. they said economic model was expected this spring 2018
I'm holding off buying a master node until then.

I dumped my ICX and FOMOd in. Fuck you biz. How fucked am I?

Idk i did the same. Would rather hold 30c AMB bags than bleeding $3 icx bags anyway

also the difference in market caps alone helps. ICX at 1.3 billion, AMB at 45 million. Which one has the easier 2x? fuck im gonna do the same damn thing as both of yall

I strongly advise not investing here after the Versetti debacle last week guys. Remember BTC is going down this week as well, there will be no upside
I know you all think 50M market cap is so low it's bound to go up but there are so many examples that that's just not true.

Thanks for the FUD. I still need to accumulate 4k more.

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