Have a new buisness

>Have a new buisness
>Its a chain my parents own, theres 4 of them
>Buisness is slow as fuck
>food isnt the problem because my parents make 10x what I do in 1 day
What do Biz?

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just chill and collect money. if business is slow let your parents handle it, champ.

customers want food fast and hot with just enough salt and sugar

if your word-of-mouth reputation is good then business will be good

do not give in to employees that want to close early, because if you aren't taking orders during open hours then people will go somewhere else and stop even considering to go to you

every sale is super important, do anything you can to bring people in and always network and talk with customers

treat your regulars like fucking gods (but don't give away too much free stuff) even the batshit crazy ones.. when someone is your top customer per month don't cut them off because they're a little annoying

keep your storefront squeeky clean, and the yardwork etc., keep your image up

Spoof a ton of good yelp reviews but don't fuck it up and make it obvious. Trickle them in over the weeks pay people who have post counts join dates.

Why should I go to your restaurant?

Op here, its cheap food made fast what more could you want

Good food

Then either the quality sucks or the staff are unfriendly or both.

Or the place is unclean, or the location is bad.

There's a good chance your parents gave you that store because it has a shitty location.

Are chains good moneymakers? My dad has a lot and is going to start condtruction on a building with a storefront. It's kinda small though. Was thinking about a dunkin donuts. Are chains a meme? Anything better to do with a storefront?

Make it instagrammable and rework food presentation,interior,menu. Think donut and cupcake tier photo fancy.

Obviously youre not putting a sprinkle of crack cocaine to get repeat customers.

How do people fuck up running a restaurant? It is literally the easiest business in the world. I swear the high restaurant failure rate is just people being retarded.

They're a boomer fantasy. Be careful with brick 'n' mortar these days.


Even coffe shops and restaurants are dangerous these days? Shit.

Bought it from this guy because he said he was entering retirement, he has 5 other chains ran by his family so he must’ve been doing something right, It might be the location thats bad, theres 6 other fast food businesses within walking distance.

I personally find it good, and I hear a compliment on the food atleast once a day, my parents have been doing it for a while so I’m sure the food is fine.

It's the location

This is what keeps me going to a restaurant.

First of all people the are friendly to me but not to overly friendly that it seems phony.

Good lightning get rid of those tubes that make you look like shit. Make sure the lighting is good as sunlight.

It must be clean inside and out.

Make sure the bathroom has more than one stall. Once I finish eating I want to take a shit I don't have time to wait. Also make sure it stays clean at all times.

Make it fast food or open kitchen like subway. Please get rid of waiters can't stand them. I'm there for a quick bite not a candle light dinner. Please don't make question myself if I should tip or not.

Free refills.

Did I mention lightning? Make sure it very well lit up outside and cameras on the front. I hate hood restaurants where people stand outside of the restaurant. So make sure you have good lightning at night so I can see everyone who's coming in and out.

Have enough space inside where I'm not crammed in with other people.

Have literally all of this, maybe its slow because we’re new to this specific area?
Or its possibly this

So what are you going to do to increase profit?