What a surprise no medium post. Who would have thunk a bunch of arabs would be scamming you

What a surprise no medium post. Who would have thunk a bunch of arabs would be scamming you.

Let us laugh at the people who though they were actually going to deliver.

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>00:30, no medium article


>He literally alternated between refreshing the JNT telegram and medium vigorously

imagine having a file on your computer called "scambrel network".

I feel so despondent. I was waiting heart in hand for that medium article. Soon I thought my hopes and dreams would be answered and that article would be posted in the telegram. But alas it was not to be. Should I just market sell and buy into a legitimate project like Tron?

Sirs are always late for polished product

the fact that they even bother to have a telegram is probably the biggest red flag with this project

thanks just market sold my whole stack, fucking arabs piece of shit sandnigger

Don't worry about the Jibrel coins, sir. We will be updating very soon, pls bear with us. Arabs are good peoples, sir. Sand takes out the moisture in the air and cleanses us of our sins. Praise Allah Muhammad Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

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Yep I'm no longer a Jiblet. I am now a Tronsformer.

>People will actually sell because of trivial shit like a blogpost
>Meanwhile Don Tapscott is lobbying JNT at several banks

Between that and the confirmed connections with Central Bank of Malta and Binance... have a little patience you restless mongrels. Have you ever held a coin for more than three weeks?

fuck you nigger I've held this coin for more than a MONTH, why the FUCK am I not a millionare yet?? bad team!

I thought Don Tapscott visiting banks was a meme, but holy shit, it's real


My biggest regret in this whole crash was buying this at .30, it mooning to .85, and not selling before the crash back down to .30

Muh buy low sell high perfectly for maximum gains


>Other noteworthy initiatives expected to be announced include advancing “robo-regulation” to enable new Fintech startups and firms to efficiently follow traditionally complex regulations. The endeavor will see pilot schemes help the financial services industry to “comply with regulations by building software which would automatically ensure they follow the rules, saving them time and money,” the government said.

If only there was some token that was able to have financial regulation embedded into it...

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it was the night before the big crash, too, while it was happening, eth was like $560. JNT was running AGAINST btc and eth. sunk $6K into it, too. could have cashed out and tether like 26 ETH? i am a fucking true idiot for that one.



For what it's worth I bought some JNT during the run up too. Even though I've been Justed by fomoing previously. Only difference is I didn't blew my whole load and mamaged to accumulate more at 45k gwei. We are still gonna make it though so no worries

Whoops, here's your (You)

$157 EOY ?

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mine wasn't even the runup. i bought the absolute bottom the day after that first moon to .60. then sat and went to bed as it was .85.... like a fucking brainlet. as ETH and EVERYTHING else was crashing hard. it was 3AM and I figured it might crack $1 by morning. i am that dumb.

>a fucking blog post

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Fucking scam, just market sold everything. This shitcoin isn't going anywhere.

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