Stock futures are BOOMING

The trade war is over, we won.

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>below 2700

yeah, I'm thinking we're back

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>not realizing this is a head fake and when the markets open they will tank HARD

Yes fake money is booming. Great success.

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>he doesn't remember futures were mooning before the feb dip
get ready to see some fuckin blood in the morning boys.

Unless Zuck the Cuck says something stupid again there is nothing that would drive US markets down this week,

ummm...where do i start

21 trillion in debt
rising interest rates
trade war with china
the everything bubble
should i keep going???

Trips confirm we're mooning. Welcome to Lamboland, boys.

Get the FUCK off this board you beta ass fag. You're probably 20 living with mommy and daddy and don't even have a fucking job. Putting in $500 of your parents money in crypto thinking you're gonna get rich off chainlink...

Ever heard of the fucking futures and forex market you dumb son of a bitch?? Man you're one dumb fucker aren't you? People use futures and forex to gauge where the market sentiment is going to be. The biggest market isn't in stocks and bonds you fucking idiot. It's the forex that trades currencies pretty much 24/7 and the futures that trades 23/6 round the clock. That's where all the banks and hedge funds throw their money around all throughout the world.


Man this kid is dumb

whites win, whites win again

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When's the last time you had your blood pressure checked? I'm worried about you, user.

Finally more people on this board are starting to talk about trading on the stock market. The sooner the cryptoshit dies the better.

>bogdanoff, futures up

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>21 trillion in debt
And it will be over 30 trillion by 2028, so you don't see the market tanking just yet.
>rising interest rates
All talk, they can't afford to raise them 3-4 times in a year. They would raise them once and find excuses for stopping there (bad weather, bad jobs report, underwhelming crop harvest...)
>trade war with china
both of countries stand to lose much, too much. Inceased risk of US falling back into recession. And Drumpf isn't that stupid.
>everything bubble
and they are unfortunately stable so far, and over a decade old now
>should I keep going?
by all means

>muh emotional attachment

why do you give a shit if it's a stock or an internet money user? you can't put your dick in either of them. crypto is still brimming with retards, why would you want the easy mode trading to end?

all priced in you stupid gold shill

>Full on capitalist internet defense force
Can you imagine being cucked this hard?

The .5 to 1% swings in the market we've seen in the last month are the last muscle spasms of a dying war horse.

All unconventional market indicators are pessimistic. Low and middle income death rates are still up. Consumer staple spending is down. Used auto market is up. Extravagent vanity markets are down. Breadth of the market is off the chain. More stocks experiencing all time lows, whole others experience all time highs. More credit deliquency daily. Student loans continue to go bad. Interbank loans are at ridiculous lows. Hell, even wedding expense budgets are plateuing.

Markets will dip a bit lower, people may panic but the ppt will save the day again, new all time highs this summer before the bottom drops out this fall for real.
Screen cap dis

If you've been paying attention to the markets recently you'd notice that futures are almost always green and then change within the first few hrs of trading. The (((Market Markers))) are just faking out retailers so they FOMO buy their bags. When whales exit, they can't just do it in a day. Do not let futures fool you. On Friday we closed below the 200 day moving average. An 1100 point loss on the Dow in 2 days. Also, Facebook (A company worth 500 billion and one of the greatest leaders in this recent market) has been essentially exposed as a sham. It's over. Anybody who says otherwise is delusional at this point. We're not going to enter another recession, but the major indicies will shave off 10-20%. The algos have already been tripped. The Nikkie doesn't mean shit.

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None of this has anything to do with the market. The market reacts emotionally to news, and there is nothing blowing up right now. China is talking to the US behind the scenes to work out the trade issue, the debt doesn't matter, as it's an abstract (at least that's what Dems said for years under Obama), the market has done well traditionally under high interest rates, and the rise was baked in months ago, and the bubbles show no sign of bursting any time soon.

In other words, you're a fear mongering spastic who just wants to jerk off over bad trading news, because you're a fucking retard who thinks people will run to crypto as a safe harbor.




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muh chart

I too remember when the stock market started getting its first media attention in 2012

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it literally got positive media attention around 2012 after gfc.