Hey Veeky Forums I'll be finishing HS soon and was wondering what jobs will be in high demand for the foreseeable...

Hey Veeky Forums I'll be finishing HS soon and was wondering what jobs will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

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anything not in danger of being replaced by robots/automation

Dick sucking is always in high demand.

>be your own boss
>stay physically active
>recession proof
>potential to make six figures

kneepad engineer

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Rape victims. Can never have enough of those

Is there any high paying jobs not at risk of being replaceable by robots/automation? I was thinking about going into CS and software development after that, but not sure if it'll be high paying once more people get into it.

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So nothing.

I would gladly suck dick for a living user but theres a pretty negligible demand for it if you aren't a roastie or trap material. Why would someone pay me, a 5/10 man, to suck their cock when they can just pay a roastie or twink. Sure a few homos would be more interested in a 5/10 man giving them head, but not enough to make a living, and certainly not enough to make 6 figs.

Be the person creating the machines.

So welder making 500k/yr?

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Why are pajeets so judgemental? Not everyone has indian livers.

science is future proof. and if you are not a fucking idealist and work for the government/university you easily get k$. But do a real science like physics. And don't do that fucking astronomy or particle physics shit. Do the useful stuff.

Enjoy mastering a skill that gets outdated every few years and have your career end at 40 due to age discrimination. But the plus side is you will probably get laid off when your job gets outsourced anyway.

Every job has competition.

Is mechanical engineering a good route? Or mechanic? Machines will always need to be fixed, right? As long as pay isn't complete garbage I'm fine with whatever it is


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Not those machines.

The machines are going to pump out the machines and are going to be designed by machines.

Not any time soon. Still can make your money before it happens. Anyone who has the talent to do so won't have to worry.

Machines will be fixed by machines.

A safer job is to design the machines, but even that will be replaced.

Programming, anything programming or with electronics.

Trust me, user. I went through 8 years of university to get a ChemE masters and I 100% wish I went back and did CS/EE/CompE degree instead.

Dumbasses I knew in HS are making as much as me b/c they went and learned programming at a community college. It pisses me off to no end. Fucking waste of life and money that was.

Mechanical engineering will be good user. AI can never replace CAD drawings. If you are a creative person and enjoy seeing things you created come to life then mechanical is good.

This is true, unfortunately. I graduated in chemical engineering and work that used to be done by five engineers twenty years ago is now done by one and his computer. Worst of all, the computer does most of the work. The engineer is only necessary because he knows the correct measures to input into the software

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You're fighting for a job with pajeets that can do CAD drawings at a fraction of the pay though.

AI will take this job.

time to buy the knee pads

Anything related to computers you will be fighting with them. When you get into a field you should build as much experience as possible and plan your great escape. One thing a pajeet will never think of doing is doing his own thing with what hes learned. Literally a machine that will do that 1 thing and 1 thing only.

safest bet is something linked with medical profesion.

Think theres a difference between caring and being judgmental. Heavy drinking is definitely a sign of degeneracy

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How will AI learn to draw things that you have in your mind?

Its called machine learning

AI doesn't need your mind. It will generate thousands of possibilities.

Go labor/skilled trades. Millennials nowadays are fucking soft and don't even know how to change their car oil or troubleshoot mechanical stuff if their life depended on it. These will be in demand as people are lazy nowadays and they won't be replaced by AI any time in the near future.

If you finally have enough money and experience, then you can study in engineering and you can use your experience and education as leverage over the others. If you're not LARPing then I suggest going into these OP. You can have a headstart amongst your peers, that is if you're not a total autist who doesn't have any friends and connections.

Machine learning can only do so much. Show me an instance where AI drew what someone was thinking. Dont be a fool.

Finance, maybe.

Although I highly doubt we'll ever not have firefighters, paramedics and cops, that's a good option if you're into that stressful lifestyle.

It will need a shit load of inputs all of which will require a mind

Would welding or electrician be good? My family has a lot of connections in construction

Yes user pick one and do it well. Youre better off getting some experience than just worrying about what you want to do. If it doesnt go well who gives a shit do something else. Learning is never a bad thing. You just sharpened your mind for what comes next. No regrets only lessons learned!

Yes, learn a trade. Get into a union apprenticeship asap. Go work as a laborer or an ironworker. I'm a civil engineer and these guys get paid more than me, laborers easy 35 an hour, ironworker 60, operators get paid the most topping 100+ bucks an hour.

Alternatively learn to trade stocks on the market although you have to be born with a knack to do this or else it will take very long to learn. That's what I'm trying to do, been learning for nearly 2.5 years and just now I'm starting to get consistently profitable to the point where I can pull 200-300 bucks a day out of the market. When I go 24 months of consistently making 5k each month, I'm quitting my day job

Learn a trade, work and save money until you get bored doing this, then begin study part time. Major in whatever you're interested in but minor in CS.
If you're unsure of what you want to do with your life for God's sake don't just blindly throw money at a degree.
Don't forget to develop healthy hobbies. When automation does start disrupting the job market you don't want to get fat and bored.
GL little buddy.

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No you cuck, we are talking about future possibilities here. AI will be able to create 1 million + possibilities in the time it takes you to blink your eyes.

>It's called machine learning
A task that machine learning literally could never solve. Machine learning is just pattern recognition user, almost like learning to filter effectively. It cant produce anything novel, only classify/regress based on past inputs. We are far from any AI having any generative qualities. Not even remotely close to automating creative tasks, just repetitive boring ones.

OP, major in CS. I am doing a master's in Machine Learning and know my future is comfy. If AI doesnt happen I will be a software engineer. Its a hard field, if you're good you will always be employed.

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What does that matter retard. There is always going to be human interaction. CAD will evolve and become easier to use if anything but it doesnt make sense for it to replace the drafter.

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