What the fuck is happening on today?

What the fuck is happening on today?
Some one explain this shit and how it affect us

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it's over bud

Explain please I'm not even invested in stocks only crypto

Everyone is guessing.

Stock markets crashing, Some think this will also cause crypto markets to crash.
Not really a big deal.

bro basically the us stock market going to drop 20% tomorrow...no biggie.

OK, let me explain. Huge amount of money will flow from stocks to crypto.

And don't forget the Wall Street bonus money, but only after Chinese New Year is over

If stock market actually crashes its more likely to go into precious metals.

Let me get this straight: the market crashes and sends everyone to crypto, right? Where does the money come from to buy crypto if they just lost it all in the normie market?

this. everyones fucking retarded
theyre not going to lose money and put it in an even more volatile asset fucking retards
especially one thats on the brink of doing another leg down

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It's just the Chinese easter celebrations starting, happens every year. Nothing to worry about senpai

This. We are still VERY bullish, even if some chinese cashed out before the holidays.

See you Up there !!

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exactly. no one who just lost 10% is going to buy something that lost 80% over the last three months
Only institutional investors may now float the market but not normies

On the other hand, crypto is a very tiny market. If even a fraction of institutional investors think it's a worthwhile buy, the market cap can explode

futures are indicating it will bounce. but i cant tell how thin the volume is. it could easily be getting fooled by institutional money bidding up the price in premarket to dump at an acceptable price. i think it will bounce somewhat today, but will reverse in a big way towards the end of the day.

the industry leaders of tech will all continue to bleed, and even if im wrong, and the market is fine, it will look like shit as all the big tech giants will drag the whole market down with it.

Nice trips, confirmed big money flow

>the marketcap can explode

Seems OP is a paid shiller.

The dow jones is down only 1.77 %

Friendly Reminder:

>Black Monday
>Implying blacks have investments

>The site polled 1,000 current college students with loan debt this month and gave them a survey

There are 4 million students in the US...