Have you come across some crypto that has autists in their teams?

Have you come across some crypto that has autists in their teams?
That's the best way to invest at this stage. Spot a project with some autist working on it like Vitalik and invest at an early stage.

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idk why this makes me horny

skycoin and cardano

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That's why it's popular here

Autistic brotherhodl

You need to fix the side boob.

But Sergey is just a hipster with beard, flannel shirt and a wife.
That's not autistic.

Where is the non-pepe version of this pic?

Too late for new shit. No new coins will see any gaina before the old ones start delivering.

Sorry, I just saved a pepe version which is superior.
The non pepe one is common around here.

With that logic, the average contributor of the present Cambodian basket weaving emporium is the next Vitalik.

might as well be

Op didn’t save the one where they filled in her hand

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Does somebody have the original?

i don't know a single crypto that has no autists in its team

OP means autist as in "really intelligent math/CS person"

you are thinking autism in terms of pic related

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If that guy was a crypto CEO, he would create some novel Proof of Banging concept where you confirm blocks by banging on the wall.
10/10 would invest.


That didn't work for DGB... unless you mean smart autism and not retard autism


He always wears the same shirt. Just like mark zuckenberg. That is an autistic success sign if you ask me

People working on XTCC are either autistic or retarded, judging from their Twitter feed and website, so that’s a pretty safe investment.

Say it didn't work for dgb in June when it's 10x