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I’m drawing on Twitch and I think Ripple has a stronger chance of going the distance than Ethereum.

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tits or gtfo


Keep rosties out of crypto. Ripple sucks.

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I’ll pay you to draw XRP. We are the wealthiest gentlemen.

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Op show tits


Who is she again?

no need for debate, you're probably right.
>solidity a shit
>ETH treats itself like a sandbox
>>PoS isn't a proven scaling solution
>>Buterin acts like a child
>ripple has more than enough partnerships & is already integrating

the only shitty part about ripple is the centralization, but that's exactly why it will work. swift can also suck a fat one. It's hard to say whether or not ETH is centralized, i'm leaning toward the idea that it is. RSK save us.

She won’t shes talking about ripple scalability

It’s bizchan she’s back. Get in here link in OP

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Stellar moons while everyone's busy fighting over btcs carcass.

thanks for the sell notification, i'll buy in after you fags dump.

It’s bizchan dumbass. She’s actually on cam this time. Her twitch name is xearthingtv

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Pay her to draw ripple not Ethereum thx

can we get pic related but with lactation

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Fuck that pay her to draw EOS god coin

Bizchan is queen of Veeky Forums newb

you are a literal fucking retard if you think ripple is going to be worth more than ethereum. hahahahahahaha

Still a roastie in crypto so I’m not paying her to draw anything like you idiots do every time she’s on cam.

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She’s not even drawing crypto dude. Someone already offered

don’t disrespect bizchan pajeet

Draw Serg in a toga being fed grapes.

Bizchan is on can confirmed

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Too bad linkies are too stinky to afford to donate to OP for a custom LINK pic. I’ll make her draw EOS for $1 motherfucker

Newfag here

Bizchan is a trap?

Yes v big dick

No she’s not a trap retard

why the fuck did you not tell her to draw the the chainlink logo instead

Someone paid her to draw ETH but she’s almost done. Buy an original stinky linky piece from OP and post it thx I’m a poorfag

You have to donate to her then she’ll draw it next BIZCHAN MUST MAKE LINK ART NOW NOW NOW


In your twitch listening. Not logging in to chat.

You are actually smart about investing. Marry me.

bizchan is mine retard get your own waifu

USDT bearfag talking to bizchan

>People obsessing over a 5/10

This is honestly a good crypto podcast

dumb 2/10 roastie who knows nothing about crypto

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We love bizchan for her brain, brainlet



queen of Veeky Forums faggot she doesn’t hodl

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>less synapses per neuron

>good crypto podcast
>fundamentals don't matter at all, only price action
>muh TA
These are the types of idiots that go all in on garbage like Tron.

>obsessing over a 3/10

The guys shilling this post for her. Biztards trying to get famous.

Bizchan please stop talking to this USDT idiot we love you.

>less synapses per neuron
not so many

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bump for bizchan

How much ETH for 1 babby

Lets make her ourgirl

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She already is join the stream

For fuck sake she's terribly ugly

hop in, it's happening

monkaS she's here

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it's too late

That jaw!

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Confirmed her jaw and chin is her weak spot lets troll this trap

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we know it's you

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baldchan take your wig off

Lmao @ trap calling Veeky Forums immatture while chain smoking and playing snake to get attention of 15 retards who are watching her.

She is a degenerate. Look at her comment section. The people she attracts

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Ripple address the centralization question directly here

Long story short is that currently most XRP validators are run by Ripple but they are aiming to improve this over 2018.

shes cute in a weird way i wanna marry her

5/7 would bang

She obiviously has the mental ability to be a good partner.

But... look at her, listen to her. She is epitome of a lost cause.

Shes cute i give her that and she doesnt seem to be a normie. I will follow her now and report more in the future stay tuned bizchanies

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make a new thread tomorrow

I will come back in 20 hours and keep u up to date with our new bald bizchan. God bless the Chad-Jawline-Queen

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shes really cute and not a normie

Thats what I am saying fellow bizchan brother. May peace be with Cahd-Jawline-Queen

literally who?
fuck off in advance

She is off now but she is good for tits

I watched for 20 minutes both streams and

1) she's a liar
2) wearing the same onesie and bra two days in a row while pretending to work
3) talks to gigantic faggots on discord with weak memes

you degenerates can find better keep looking

discord link?


Will pay 0.01 btc for link

i found it, i'll tell you for 0.1 btc

Man I've been trying to get my crypto stream off the ground but it's hard.
Is this thread telling me all I need to do is put on a blue wig, call myself a girl and talk about XRP to make it?