Partnership with Japan's largest power company dropping in 4 days

>Partnership with Japan's largest power company dropping in 4 days.
>Easiest 2x by EOM minimum

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Dropped today.

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Thanks just bought $100k

They probs buy their electricity from japans biggest power company and say that that is a partnership.

Haha 2x I think not


t. 75% Elec portfolio

Have it seen their existing partnerships and advisors?

This isn’t some chink scam coin.

Japan master race token.

When airdrop for OMG holders?
JUN supposedly an advisor in this coin but he doesn’t seem to do shit.

The volume rises.
Right on schedule.

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Fuck it, illl throw a few ETH.
Which exchange is this on, Pajeet?

It did $3M a day on idex, what the fuck?

only a 33K stack here, but still hyped for this coin

OMG + ELEC are 55% of my portfolio, let's go anons

proof of partnership?


Group telegram chat

Fuck IDEX, it’s on KuCoin

Bullshit, link some proof nigger.

So a few people bought in large quantities, is that supposed to be proof? If I shove my 9 inch white cock in your moms butthole does that mean she'll have full white children when I bust my seed? Yeah thats what I thought.

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Source pls

What is that downy browny spic doing tho?

This is a common mexicunt theft technique. He is going to try and grab the dudes phone and run off

Is this actually legit or not?

Got 1 ETH to spend, don't wanna fall for the meme tho

Jun Hasegawa the founder of Omise is actively invested and advising the company.

It’s gonna moon, it’s for sure.

They will in a panel talking about the blcokchain and its real world uses with a bunch of other shitcoins, so I doubt they will announce any partnership.
You will be better off buying Wachain since they have a whole 60 mins dedicated to them and they will at the beginning of the summit.

It's basically already announced in the Telegram group chat at this point.
It's not going to be at the Tokyo event.

You're saying the partnership is already announced? What is the company's name?

It's unofficially leaked in the telegram group.
You can see all of the research in there.


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