Thanks for taking our photo user! How much do we owe you?

>Thanks for taking our photo user! How much do we owe you?

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1000 LINK, or 10 bucks.... Th...thanks

Fuckin sluts.

lol @ the face on the far right fatso. She knows that she's the odd one out.

The blonde next to her has a stomach and more represents the obesity crisis. She should be very skinny.

That carpet needs to be steam cleaned and shampooed. Seriously, gross.

that girl knows the others think they're better than her. and she knows they're wrong, too. that's the face.

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Is still fuck them all, even her. Chubby bitches are very enthusiastic during sex.

University of eastern America

lol there's like 2 that are cute. So many soft fatties

The two slags on the floor in the middle look like they are 40.

2 qts
2 ok
others just fat and ugly

A high five

Which ones? I want to see if Veeky Forums's standard are on par with the unrealistic standards of the rest of the site

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They're all fat. Wtf amerifats?

I'd Fuck em all, cept the darkie. Never had messing with a negress end well.

11 14
13 9

I liked 1 and 8. But now I'm looking, 2 and 14 aren't terrible. Rest are disgusting. Disgusting

Photoshop that fat beluga whale out of the pic. The rest are varying degrees of do-able, depending on how much African sperm they have ingested into their orfices.

Everything except 5, 6, 12 and 13

Girls get fatter when they go to college if they aren't careful or they don't work out. Sudden change in diet + drinking

This would make a great carpet cleaning commercial

Individually, they are average at best.

rolling for 1 or 9

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But they are supposed to work out, they are pretty much dancers, or am i missing something crucial in american "culture"?

These girls aren't American. Seen this pic before and it turned out they are English.

Would try save the white race with the chubby one on the far right. The rest don't deserve my penis.

all of them are far left user

I agree. She’s the only one I find attractive. Looks kinda dirty, I bet she’s a lot of fun

1, 8, 14 roll

Guess which one on the floor left the biggest shit stain? Hint: its a number between 5 and 7.

the two standing on the tables are the only good looking in shape girls.

everyday, we stray further from god

imagine the smell

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1, 2, 8, 9, 14, and low key 11 are the objective choices.

HAHA the black one
>hey latoya, we think it would look super good if you got in the back... no a little bit farther.. keep going!! I SAID BACK OF THE BUS BITCH

rubbing your snatch on that carpet floor

>Eh keep your money and use it to clean the carpet

any but 9/10/13

and not the black one ew

why the hate on 9? She looks friendly

I work at this university and have walked down those steps many times.



I think you missed the nigger silhouette doing a Dio pose at the top of the stairway

This hall must smell like a fucking tuna can, I can guarantee.

How much of the campus smells like pussy?

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Have you had any sexual relations with students and/or staff?
What are the most interesting things you have witnessed at the university?
What drugs do you use?
What is your position?

Which ever one would let me stick my noodle in them. This would be the correct answer for everyone on this site

Imagine you had a free pass to stick your noodle in whichever ones you choose. Which ones do you pick? Limit 5.

1,9,4,8,14 are the hottest. Man do I wish I could hook up with a girl as hot as they are.

OK fuck it, 1,2,8,14 and throw in 3 just because she don't give a shit. But for real would probably fuck them all. I'm not 15 so have real expectations.

Why are your expectations so low, though? A confident Chad could pull any one of them without breaking a sweat.

1,2 and 11 are the cutest.
I'd fuck em all except the black one though

And tell me which of them would you pick, I gave my pick and I would say they are the top of the group, you probably picked the fattie didn't you, is it because of the great sex?

Something is really wrong with American food. These are cheerleaders. They are supposed to be the fittest girls on campus.

1,2 and 8 are easily the best

Brap get

1,2,11,7, rolling

You forgot 11 she's the cutest one there desu.
6 is cute too definitely make her my slampig

kek nice one

Projecting this hard
> I..I wouldn't want to have sex with her anyway heheh right /b/ros. Post pic of your body with timestamp now faggot.

The only one that's worth it is the flexible one in the front on the far left next to the U

You are an idiot. These girls are in the UK

I wonder how many left little brown spots on the carpet from their dirty sharty buttholes.

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Well, then there is clearly something wrong with food/physical education/culture in the UK.

none of them are in my league. Hard pass