Stellar wallet secret key


-The first letter "S" doesn't matter (Stellar secret keys begin with "S" and other 55 letters)
-Left to right
-The secret key Included a few letter of numbers (you can't the different)

Let's go

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Example of a stellar secret key:


>The secret key Included a few letter of numbers (you can't the different)

This private key will probably have nothing in it anyway.

It have 2500 XLM for reward

OP i have never done this shit b4 what does T>U mean?

>The secret key Included a few letter of numbers (you can't the different)
wtf kind of English is this?

>wtf kind of English is this?
the pajeet kind

It's the key to decrypt it.

mfw this is all a pajeet's caesar cypher to shill some coin

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this will give you some clues, anons, don't give up.


that's missing 4 bytes to be long enough for a real key

Fuck you pajeet, go back to your street corner and proceed with shitting

>-The secret key Included a few letter of numbers (you can't the different)

No matter how many times I look at it I cant wrap my head around what you are trying to say here

the full key in origin post, "T->U" was just the most important part, Hint: it was alphabet.


What does this mean?


The position or status of a householder.

I have already cracked the code. However, I am an American, and I have literally no way of reported "got a secret key from a stranger on the Internet, I didn't hack it ;^)" to taxes.

Guess I'm cucked outta luck.

how did you do it?

just post the secret key and first to copy pasta it

nice try larper.

buying yourself more time.

Oh wow yeah, I sure am afraid of not getting those $500 quickly enough!

If you people are seriously losing your minds over such a small amount of money, I pity you.






This means nothing to me

>be american invested in crypto
>afraid of the big bad wolf IRS

how about you stop acting like a snobby faggot and post the key

otherwise. nice bait.

I'll give you fags 10 more minutes and I'll post the key.

5 more minutes


"1,2 3....23.25,26"

I think I just find something here.

"leave something"

You're late

Login here faggots if you cracked it, before someone else move it to other wallet.

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i'm in, says can't transfer

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When this is all over, can someone explain how this was supposed to be cracked?

This dude is a larping faggot
And OP is using some fucking pajeeter cypher and can't even type in english well enough to give clear rules. Just post the key OP


would be funny if we accidentally went into someones random account trying to figure this bullshit out.

looks like you are too late, other faggots just moved it. I think :(
post key here anyway

Oh well, was fun anyway. Were there just 250 lumens since the beginning?


wait, how did you come up with that code?

check Those are 26 letters and they correspond to the 26 numbers. T = 1, Q = 2, etc. Replace them with the numbers in OP's first post and you get that.

Fuck, I was so close

me too, i guess

Meh, I'll take my chances with the taxes.

What should I buy with this measly $500?


a Mackie 1402 VLZ4 and send it to me, yummy

If you are really worried about the big bad taxman, you know what to do.


How long does this stuff normally take to update

ok, don't forget this user, you can't hide your transaction.

Was there only ever 250XLM in the wallet?


kinda bs imo.

a larper to"wins $500" but the account only shows a holding of 254.

probably glitched out and op figured he would try to cut his losses.

larper cant count so she says its $500 because extra tranny chromosome.

It was over 2k xlm before, i don't know why it's stuck at the number.