Studying Solidity, Golang

>studying Solidity, Golang
>reading white papers for fun
>invest solely in projects I think have potential due to their tech
Have I ascended?

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you sound boring m8

I don't care.


So you are all in Nebulas and Qash?

Honestly, once the devs stop holding this coin back and give it a decent exchange, it's an imminent 10x, perhaps even a 100x in the longer term.

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LINK is what got going into all of this initially. I'm still deciding what would be the best programmable blockchain. Guess it'd be the one with the most complete Solidity port atm. After learning Solidity I'm going to try my hand at writing external adaptors and making functional smart contracts that fetch external data from my own test API.

nice subtle link shill dude
link still a shitcoin with shit code

Also I'm looking heavily into FileCoin. I heard it has a lot of problems though.

I'm not a shill I'm actually going to do this.
Even if LINK doesn't take off the ChainLink software could still be useful for rapidly deploying personal Oracle networks.

Both look amazing.
Qash is definitely next up on my list.

Filecoin.. Chink coin right? Didn't look into it yet. Thanks senpai, those are my favorites right now. I am not a developper but i think the Developer incentive protocol(DIP) from nebulas is very interesting. U get rewarded for creating value on the blockchain. That should get the ecosystem running.

You have ascended XD

bruh i also want to study solidity/golang.
can you point me out the right direction? self study or online courses?

and solidity or golang first if this is my first programming language?

First learn Golang.
Best book is the top reviewed one on Amazon.
Using BitDegree for Solidity.

Literally noob to programming. But golang is used for what? Solidity is eth code right?

Server shit.

>smart long term investor
>holding chinktokens and pajeetcoins

Pick one

Wait for the chinks coming to your home and taking over the world fag.

Next step is learning Haskell or LISP
It really separates the men from the boys

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Top kek, i bet you hold some l*nk pajeet scum smart "investor"

>"take over the world"
>havent produced a single coin that isnt an ERC20 token

I think you wolf of wall street types seriously overestimate the Chinese capacity for innovation. This is cutting edge tech, not mindless mass production. They dont understand it. They're just trying to pump and dump shitcoins on noob westerners.

Bump for interest

I’m quite new to it all but it’s actually shockingly easy to write smart contracts if you have any measure of programming competence, it’s simple and elegant

Only problem is you still need a banging website to go with it

Should I atleast be able to make websites and stuff easy before looking into smart contracts or can i start there also?

If you don’t know ‘normal’ programming you’re gonna have a bad time

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So where to start if i just want to learn it as a hobby? And how many years will it take till im a programming god.

Thanks for the BitDegree advice ascendent user! It looks interesting.

Veeky Forums is a Kazakhstani Kaiji impersonator forum
If you don't go through zawa-zawa, what is even the point of gambling with crypto?

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the boys being the functional masturbators

LISP is so ugly that learning it is proven to lower your IQ

I'm numb I dont zawa zawa anymore :/ I went from 130$ to 60k and now i'm down to 16k

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A few years at least to really get in the zone

I think standford did a good online series on programming for noobs