By the power of frog and chink i present you your 50x coin

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This isn't LINK..

I'm already in but thanks to remind me to think about the money I will make....

Indians do this dots .... thing for some reason

>only 50x
Nice FUD

BTW real talk.

RLC is a Fucking solid project with not much marketing.

Believe it or not, this coin will moon hard.

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On marketing

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Should I buy 1k of this?

Yes, make sure you do it rather sooner than later as v2 release is nearby

Is 7500 enough? Or should I go for 10,000?

Try 500× nignog

5k rlc = 1kk usd in 2020

Buy this fucker RIGHT NOW. Headed straight to the moon after this flash dip. jfc the potential is immense

Holding 2000? How many would I need to retire?

there is nothing more pajeety than a roadshow

This was moments away from another surge when bitcoin threw a spanner in the works. Is there a particular reason everything is jumping again or just for no apparent reason?

Will 5K iexecs be enough? Plz respond.

Can someone actually explain me why people are asking this kind of retarded things ?

because they are 12 and/or retarded

Its the same reason people buy lottery tickets dude. They're not investing they're just buying hope

1.7k would be enough gyuz?

>Will I make it?
is a meme, and people want to feel like part of the /board.