Crashes back to the ico price

>crashes back to the ico price
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>the most promising project with real code behind it and a real team
>crashes back to ico price

pick one

Time to buy more

Please do.

Just need 2200 for my 10k goal

what do you guys think how long will this bearmarket continue? im saving for a dip in i hope link will go sub .30 again

Please please please back down to $0.30 gettin paid soon

i'm not convinced will see a sub .30 again, i'd be happy if it happens, i'd buy more linkies, but i'm not sure

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2700 over here

>That's right, Trish, we are indeed getting reports that the price singularity is indeed a nothingburger. It seems that the oracle problem cannot be solv-

Sergey is so fucking alpha.

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That news presenter is a hottie

The stink has been LOCKED

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is this authetic?

Fucking Bancor

LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA....................

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Do you have a learning disability?

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With subs.

Why the fuck do you think we have been buying so much Link? Of course Sergey did that, he doesn't take any shit from anybody.