Please read.
Veeky Forumslets are saying req 'partnered' with pwc, but they have only POSSIBLY partnered with pwc france, 1 of the 157 countries, so 1/157th of pwc.
Also this has not been confirmed.

PLEASE, dont get pajeeted.

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kek. being as delusional as REQlets. hahaha.
I swear they are worse than LINKies

Confirmed 30 mins ago dumbfag.

Alright Rajesh

Confirmed by PwC? Link?

Why are fucking reqlets so salty?
We are trying to save you money.
You really think african kids need their accounting done? They ain't even got money you stupid nigger hahahaha
You're either african, or u hold massive req bags and ur salty.

It's a full relationship. Thing is it's specifically within their blockchain branch. And we all know blockchain is a bit of a shit show atm.

I still haven't seen a PwC representative confirming the partnership

You forgot all these other countries too you tard

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kek what are you doing with your life?

fuck off you wank stain hahaha.
you do realise them countries literally have a gdp so low it's not even listed accurately anywhere.
fucking state of /req/lets

their gdp together is over a trillion ??

what the actual fuck hahahahahahhaha

holy shit. being this dumb. KYS

Yeah sure, no petrol, no big mining companies in Africa (DRC is the countries which potentially has the more valuable resources in the world, please DYOR). You're retards man. Also Africa is one of the most innovative continent in terms of payment (Facebook visited Africa some years ago to see what they did with mobile money which is huge in Africa). The future of the technologies will go along with the future big 2 digits growth countries (mainly in Asia and Africa). That's great news!

>They literally partnered with 1/157 countries in the world
No they didn't
>Loool those other countries are irrelevant duuurrr


plus it says "Request Network Foundation" has formed a partnership with the PwC France and Francophone Africa Blockchain Lab

the foundation partnered with them not the token. the market realizes this now and its crashing hard

The combined GDP of francophone africa is 380 billion.

w-wikipedia.. tell me TELL me i didnt just fucking see that??

reqlets for you :)


What does Request Network foundation do if not shit directly benefitting the token?

>w-wikipedia.. tell me TELL me i didnt just fucking see that??


Are we not counting eqypt here because that 350 bil all by itself

Yes, thank you.

I actually read Global Finance mag

GDP growth means nothing lol
If you have a really low GDP, of course it is much easier to increase it

you took that image from here, didn't you?

no Req

I'm not even thinking of selling until they start the actual service of payment processing. But if France uses REQ to send hundreds of thousands of euros to African warlords then what do I care.

>GDP growth means nothing lol

w-w-wh-what? You are kidding right? You cannot be so deluded to say something like that

>Notre présence en Afrique francophone
PwC is not counting Egypt, so no, we are not counting that either.

What exactly do you think GDP growth means here?

It's ok user you can still buy in, we're here for you.


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Let me break it down for you brainlet

If I get government aid totaling $200 per month and I decide to earn some more money by sucking 20 dicks for $10 each, I just increased my income by 100%. However, the absolute growth is still only $2400 per year.

Now picture a banker making $500K per year, who gets a raise to $550K per year. He only grew 10%, but that's $50K.

Now are you more interested in partnering with the dick sucker or the banker?

>being this delusional

Great response and anaolgy, but I still don't think /req/lets will understand that

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i think user wants to be raped by dick sucking jews

based soros giving us .5%

sign me up desu

10 replies? How insecure can you be?

I'm starting to fomo , thought it would dip under 20 cents again, but this shit keeps rising and rising -.- help me biz, fomo in or stay calm and w8?

no one cares

>getting called insecure but being able to warn everyone to not buy into a scam
>not replying so i don't get called insecure but everyone will fall for req bait and lose money

I know which one I'll choose, ta.

better buy now, mainnet is gonna get released within 6 days

Fuck check the telegram, people are asking this and mods stopped responding

why do you even bother fudding so hard, Veeky Forums isn't even 1% of the total market. You're wasting your time you stupid kunt

Shut your hole.. You can keep your bags

stay poor

why would you intentionally mislead him when you know last week was the deadline to have your wallet in the snapshot to be eligible for burn guard v2.1.3


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Unironically just sold 100k

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>tfw Veeky Forums is being ignorant brainlets again
Well, let me explain: Due to legal reasons, there is no singular, global PwC entity. Outside of the US, PwC is represented by local auditing companies which operate under the PwC brand but are separate entities. You can check on any non-US PwC site, in the fine print it'll say the name of the local auditor you're dealing with. So if you're a French company operating in France the only way to deal with PwC is to deal with "PwC France" which in reality is Le BAGUETTE Du From age Auditeurs LLC or whatever acting on behalf of PwC.

If you ever get a job at PwC outside of the US, your contract will have all the fancy PwC logos and such but you'll be signing the contract with the local auditor, not PwC.

t. don't own any REQ but used to work at PwC

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So theyre competing with xlm?

Wow holy shit, did they find the perfect mongrel?

Is she asian? Negroid? Dare I say, white? We've entered the uncanny valley. I'd still fuck her though.

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>We have BOUGHT together a group of organizations


>pls read sir
So basically you sold thinking of buying back after mainnet "sell the news" dump and instead of that a fucking huge partnership is announced, and you are now into full fud mode. K.

Yeah except it pumped all Sunday, started correcting, then pumped and corrected again last hour, so it will probably keep bleeding Monday. Plus everybody knows to sell the news (Friday), but people expect that now so they sell the day before the news (Thursday). Considering that I have noticed that pattern, a lot of other people also have noticed it and will sell the day BEFORE the day before the news (Wednesday).
So that leaves a pump on Tuesday. That's it.

next lvl fud, epic

so what? it's just a descentralized model, yet every local business must follow some general rules given out from the main directors, if they decided to implement req in all of their services, each pwc company will have to use it.

thank you

The request network also has world class, old style accounting services. The token based experiment is only a small part of the services they offer.
I swear to God you guys did anyone even read the white paper!?

Req have the best team, req will be billions of dollar company, just wait.

And they dont shill anything like ven or other shitcoins.