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>t. nigger

cut your fingernails you degenerate

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Lookin good OP.

Clean up on aisle 4, can an associate pls report to aisle 4

>Frozen Hash Brown Potatoes
>Superfries Straight
fat burger piece of shit why even live as a wagie in that shithole

Labels facing out

>grocery store

lol why senpai. get a factory job

Are CPAs considered wagies?

Long nails are prettier when he's dressed up on the weekend at the clubs he usually attends

rotate that stock wagecuck

t. established NEET

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Frozen foods and dairy are where you want to work if you're in a supermarket desu

I worked in a supermarket until I turned 26, it was fucking miserable couldn’t find a job out of college. Thank god I finally got something to put my degree to use my heart goes out to you OP, find a way out my man.

get to work, phoneposter

Faceup seems ok, milk crates on show though. Also you better be rotating or I'm taking you off Thursdays.

Ye but what are the good facrotys to work at?
Candle making was the only one I enjoyed. But its a seasonal job

Stocking is the most rewarding job you are helping the whole community and getting paid to do it also the satisfaction of doing it right so the shelves look perfect every label facing the correct way on the edge of the shelf

fucking pick up that rubbish near that cheese isle wagecuck ffs

case picking in a frozen warehouse
not for pussies though

I hate wagecucks.

Not because of their unfortunate situation in life but their complacency in it.

go get 'em, kiddo



>tfw when you can rotate the products as much as you want but I will always buy the food behind.
Even if I will eat them the same day.
I like fresh stuff.

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t.miserable cubiclet


Is sending a follow-up email to a job application considered desperation or will it have negative effects on me?

Just call them and giove them a good hard hanshake

id rather kill myself than wageslave
which is why it frightens me that im not far off from having to do it