You do know why crypto is plunging back to its mean value, right? It's not because of muh smart money...

You do know why crypto is plunging back to its mean value, right? It's not because of muh smart money, muh wallstreet muh meme lines muh stock market crash.
Its simple, user. The price of BTC was walked up by bitfinex to a point where normies started flooding in with real money. That real money ran out and the price couldnt be sustained. It's now returning back to mean ($800usd prior to all this willybot price pump).

The only way I can ever foresee another bullrun is if more money comes in. Realistically, that's not going to happen because this space is full of scammers and its unregulated. And why isn't big money entering from different countries? Japan? China? England? Western Europe? Think about it.

The money came from your regular Joe who took out a loan or maxed out his credit card to purchase and sell to a bigger fool. That didn't happen (some idiot actually purchased ripple >$2 ...let that sink in).

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There's also miners who create new coins and sell constantly.

Shhhh. Wall Street started buying in at 6k

absolutely. Good point, user. As the market is flooded, supply will outweigh demand. Not to mention those printing ERC20 tokens.

>idiots take out loans to buy into crypto
>idiots buy ATH and watch it crash
>banks get a fraction back and now have to deal with the hole in their pockets

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Yeah most of crypto is fucked but it was the year when institutional money took notice and started investing. Some coins will moon like crazy but it won't be because of speculation. It will be because of use.

Good luck picking them though. The odds are like 1 in 10000 and even lower because of the timeline on it.

Guys tell me he is wrong pls. Will Gox and tether really push us back to tjese lows?

If it doesn't go to zero it'd be good news for everyone. Time enough to pawn everything in your house and sell your cornhole.

Yes. It failled to break 9k2 and stay about daily 200 ma. This shit goes at least back to 3k if not deeper. But on the positive side, there will be more than one opportunity to make between 5% and 15% or more if you use leverage. Next real bullrun somewhat between April 2019 and January 2020 with a peak between 150k and 300k in 2022

>peak 150k - 300k
Only dreams lad, only dreams

we will be fucking LUCKY to get btc up to 20k again. Screen cap this, i'll be here in a year

>1 in 10000
There is not even a quarter of that listed on cmc you fucking retard.

the tea leaf readings tell me we'll hit 40k next july.

i bought ripple >$2...

even if btc plummets to 1$, money can be made. step up your game user, daytrade/swingtrade/long/short. You are late to the party, btc isnt the moneymaker anymore and you have to trade your way to heaven.

20k will come again, but more likely in ~5 years

I told my normie friend -crypto-pro-investor-all-of-a-sudden to sell his btc at 19,5k.
>'no user, you don't seem to understand that fiat will be replaced by btc soon, I never felt so confident in such an investment.'
I love it, I love how WS is shorting these monglets into the ground (yes WS has to do with this OP) and I love tardlets unironically thinking this 90s tech demo of a useless dinosaur coin should be worth more than 1k.
Sell or get rekt, btc is a meme and longterm hodlers will experience the JUSTING of a lifetime.

>falling for bitfinexed fud
kys lol

If it doesn't come soon it will never come.
Be happy if btc is worth 4k at the end of the year still. let your parents screencap.

Thank you for this word user

Well then, it's a good thing I'm invested in a coin with solid technology and a bright future.

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> New money only comes in via people buying overpriced chuckie cheese tokens
> There are whole economies of leeches who want to live off the increase in prices
> These people get money either by selling cryptos or shaving currency from the new money and then selling it

Face it, it was only going to end one way.

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You are 100% correct and rational

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What?! The actual reason why nobody is going to make money from crypto! On Veeky Forums! This is like seeing a unicorn