Internet Node Token is a sca-

Oops, they won the "Blockchain Best Project Award" at the 2018 Blockchain Innovation Summit in China.
More details will follow in the coming days probably, the chink chads don't cater to your impatient fucks, first they deliver on the product, then the marketing. This is common practice is China.
But you can either buy into the pajeet-tier FUD of this coin or you can DYOR and see how qualified their team is for the job, industry giants I'm telling you.

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Have been in this project for a while now. 2 dollar by summer, 10 eoy. Lot's of salty bottom sellers on biz tho

whats your user on the telegram? im pretty sure you talk like one of the guys on there

You could have bought any coin at ATH and most of them corrected -80-90%, but because this martian retard promised short term gains and then the market shat itself.
Does it matter?

it doesnt, but i just wanna know who you are. im pro- INT as well. just wanna know who you are to organize some shilling when the time comes.. we can get to VEN's level

This is some very subtle FUD, I'd rather not get to VEN shill levels. Let the team and tech speak for itself.

If it’s in China then they won the bwest bwokchang raward

not saying that at all.. just saying that we need to spread awareness and build a bigger community. if you noticed, nobody knows what the fuck this coin is and its been out for several months now

My bad user, I think VEN is a great project too. The shilling just sometimes gets over the top tho. I'm very confident on INT I think it can do a 50-100x for sure this year of the market is favorable.

I'm just waiting for them to unveil the Huawei IOT router before I kick up the shilling a notch, I can't expect the average brainlet here on Veeky Forumsplebbit to think for themselfs yet when it comes to this shitty FUD that takes some own due diligence.

Anyway I'm active in the INT Telegram right now so you can shoot me a DM.

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oh youre fucking tom? i had a feeling that was you

shhht don't tell bizlets yet

>2018 Blockchain Innovation Summit in China

They might as well give it to themselves.

>b-but its a s-scam
Biz btfo, bought at .3 then sold at $1 and bought 80k at .11

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>imagine staging an entire conference with hundreds of chinks just so Veeky Forums can buy INTs bags
user i...
you are either larping or insanely lucky. I bought at 30c and HODL'd all the way up and down, kek.

>first they deliver on the product, then the marketing. This is common practice is China.

Do VEN and TRX ring any bells, user?

Goodjob user, you just pointed out two outliers. However VEN's partnerships are legit for the most part and Sunny Lu is a great CEO.

Justin Sun must be the retarded cousin of all crypto, I think we can all agree that this chink represents everything we hate about crypto.

Anyway here is the team's resume, I have yet to see another cryptoteam more qualified to build an IoT platform than INT.

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No movement on the price though. I have watching really closely for months. Its really cheap right now.
Is this good entry point?

most likely the best time to buy. I dont see it going down after the news. It will most likely start to increase in price from now

I'd buy more but the fucking hassle of scamming that fuckin chink exchange just to buy then have to hope they don't lock my account again and actually let me withdraw my coins is too much effort I'll just stick with the 8k I have that's tanked to the abyss

Well It's only 2x from the ICO price right now I believe, but if bitcoin will keep on shitting the bed it'll probably tank even more. But once this coin gets more traction in the west and they hire some qualified marketing people, paired with favorable news this coin will fly.

So yeah my guess is as good as yours but I'd buy more of this dip if I had more fiat.

How did you know to sell at $1? I have problems knowing when to sell an alt

>china award
I remember a scam project getting awarded in China and when people realize it's a scam and asked the award committee why they gave an award to a scam, they just said that it wasn't a scam when it was awarded.

Sold this garbage $1 and not looking back. Youve all been dumped on by that martianfag

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it went up to $1 pretty fast so i expected people to dump a bit for some profit so the price would go down. But btc started crashing alot so most of the alts started bleeding pretty bad. So it was alot of luck because i didnt expect the btc crash. But almost always when some coin goes up alot people will sell.