what the fuck are you doing user?

Jun Hasegawa as advisor
lovely picture with vitalik
telegram picture of literally confirmed partnership with Tepco(50mrd $ in 2013)
already working product www.electrify.sg
18.000.000 $ MARKETCAP

you like to miss out, do you user?

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got a nice stack of 10k, lets see how this pans out

If the partnership is already confirmed, why do we expect a pump? Serious question

Well this thing is only a couple days old so it would be like getting in on the ground floor if it takes off.

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Everytime u guys shill me this I buy and it goes down


You meant to post this in a BTC thread sir

user, its only 2 weeks old and on only a few shit exchanges.
Research what the team are looking to achieve through the year. read the whitepaper.
don't fomo in again but seriously just buy more and sit on it longterm.
i'm holding a big bag until next year whatever the fuck happens




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This thing just legitimately took off

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not bad. doing better than my other bags today kek. I have some on idex for trading to increase my stack but the shit is down again.
how fucked am i

who knows they took a photo with money skelly and reddit is shilling it.


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yeah, i'm more worried about idex being down with a big stack of my elec than I am of the fundamentals.

when you get the chance
transfer it to kucoin dude..

you can withdraw your tokens to metamask or mew but you have to add the token ID so it shows up otherwise you can still check it on etherscan after you have withdrawn

yeah, it's back up now after 3 hours
have everything back in metamask
bollocks to idex and its fuckall micro-VOLume
never used kucoin looks like that's changing today.
keep hoping binance or even bittrex list soon.


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i was worried the pump was over because of the abysmal volume after the first one

I'm pretty sure it is breaking out into a little bull run so I just went beat off instead of looking at it.

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unironically not trying to swing trade this shit atm
last few days it was on ground floor so i'm scared to lose even a fraction of my stack

comfy hold for months to come, 35K ELEC ready to blast off anons

thinking about doubling it

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OP here
this is just the first liftoff..it will double in no time..so hopefully you will double your stack too mate..