Clean it up, wagie

Clean it up, wagie

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fucking dickhead.

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Ironically, these are the kind of people, who usually end up working in such low paying jobs as janitors.

That feel when someone posts your fetish fap material

as someone that has worked in the theatres, fuck anyone that does this

Oh thanks, I've been looking for this video for a long time! I had so much regret from not saving it the first time I saw it.

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this is evil, christ

That's not bad urine control for a girl

Theres vids of chicks peeing in shops all over clothing and furniture. Not many though, unfortunately. Gets me diamonds.

taking the lords name in vain is more evil

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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>the Chad sprinkle

What a fucking cunt

you mom

>american culture

look at all that edge...
you know, OP. the universe is a fickled place.
what goes around... nevermind.
you'll see soon enough.

wagie wagie clean my mess
or your paycheck will be less

People who does this should just be executed. No trial, no hearing. Just drag them out in the street and shoot them.

>implying this is bad

Try cleaning the women's restroom, this is absolutely nothing. I've seen some literal shit working as a janitor, and much worse. Women's bathrooms are hellholes.

This. Used to work at a job where I occasionally cleaned the restrooms. Women leave blood everywhere its nasty.

La creatura...