Announces one of the biggest partnerships in all of crypto

>announces one of the biggest partnerships in all of crypto
what did the market mean by this

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plz shoot be

Buy de rumors sell the news

But the news were bought and then sold.

It's not even on /r/CryptoCurrency yet. The burgers aren't even awake yet. Be patient.

Lmao what a joke
First IGN dropped out of their partnership now they partner with some French African company
Never even heard of PWC

>Never even heard of PWC
This better be a LARP

lmao MASSIVE pump only to go back lower than it was hours ago.


It's called a bear market you absolute sperg

>is baer markut you mormon

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KEK Network

>never heard of PWC

You mean ING? They are a still involved but due to Dutch law can't publicise it.

'Never even heard of PWC' –I hope you're joking. If you aren't you are a fucking idiot.

It was posted there but removed due to that sub retarded new rules.

Its seems your pajeet shills didn't work.. Lmao

We use case now nigga

This was great. I thought the market was nowhere near liquid enough for something like this. Overall the news were bullish so we can expect a positive long-term effect.

he's right though...getting angry about it won't help.

Dude - Correct. To ELI5: We will work together with the PwC Blockchain Lab (who are based in the Paris office) to create the future of services such as smart auditing, accounting and in general business transformation. The PwC team will receive training from the Request Network foundation to be enable to onboard and educate their clients to blockchain and Request Network.

Stop projecting, I sold at 3250 sats.

>thinks posting autistic meme makes my point invalid

ok, good for you. what's the point of this thread exactly?

>posts an unironic reply to a meme thread without realizing it
What's the point of you bumping that thread?

>one of the biggest partnerships in all of crypto

Not just "one of" it's THE biggest partnership.

Remember that Request Network wants to be the leader in accounting and they partnered with the biggest accounting firm in the world.

That's like the world bank saying "Fuck gold we're now only accepting bitcoin as our value standards".

People on Veeky Forums are fucking retarded and don't understand how fucking rich we all are going to be in the future holy shit.

Even if you don't trust in REQ. Just keep a small amount, like 1000 REQ or something. Just keep it "Just in case" it'll be enough for you to retire in 3 years.

Fucking hell I'm so FUCKING happy now you wouldn't believe.

kek, this fucking delusion.

This. Degenarated gamblers here don't realize how big will be REQ bullrun once buttcoin starts moving. It's not your average shitcoin x shitcoin collabration.
You'll buy my bags at $5 you stupid little bitch and will praise REQ harder than anyone else


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Vechain has a partnership with the same company
It's fucking nothing

Is it too late to buy now?

Bigger than SWIFT? Please let it be true...

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Yes but Request Network tries to be an accounting firm.

Just like a partnership with Luis Vuitton and Vechain would be really awesome for Vechain and a partnership with Luis Vuitton and Request Network would be meh at best.

PwC (the biggest accounting firm in the world) actually partnering up with a crypto that wants to automate accounting IS the holy grail for Request Network. Do you understand?

I'm pumping my wage into REQ every month as long as it stays under $0.50. DYOR. But I personally think REQ is the most sure bet in crypto right now for the long term.

Will it dump further after mainnet?

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Am I going to make it?

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That sounds like VEN

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Hope so. My check is coming in the mail next week hope it gets low as fuck so I can buy as much as possible.

Probably yes as long as you actually hold and let the token burn and future adoption make the token price rise over the coming 2-3 years. Don't be stupid and sell your REQ when it crashes from $5 to $3 or something in the future. Just keep holding it until mass adoption which will be ~$100-$500 per REQ. But it's going to take some years so be patient.

they didnt partner with THE pwc, just a tiny ass section off it that operates independently

you cant find anything regarding request network or crypto in the announcements on the official pwc site

delusional bagholders


>biggest crypto partnership since IOTA and Microsoft
>oh wait a second
I am honestly shocked at your stupidity. This company rakes in more revenues than any of the other big four, and has higher profitability so you could technically say it’s the #1 performing audit, accounting, and tax consulting services

Not really. What you see right now is the big boys getting their toes in the water. They are exploring what blockchain has to offer. If it goes well, you can surely expect what user said to be true. And also his 3-year mark sounds about right as well.

See here.

>Even if you don't trust in REQ. Just keep a small amount, like 1000 REQ or something. Just keep it "Just in case" it'll be enough for you to retire in 3 years.

What price are you thinking of?

A huge majority of the firms in that subsidiary reactor program fail, and those that go on to succeed don't usually form a relationship with PWC.

Good luck with those bags

i think i may have just had my brain deflate reading this

The big boys have had their whole bodies in the water for years now. It's just not shouted from the rooftops. Go explore the big 4 and what studies and projects they Have running with crypto. Not even that but the banks, swift, hedge funds. Hell, Commonwealth Bank in Australia was using a trial of the ethereum platform early last year for a study

They are not involved. They are involved with moneytis, something their founders made. They put the logo on the website thinking "oh we founded this too, they will help us with it" but had to remove it.

source: I work at ING. We had to actually send a c&d to them to remove the logo. ING is a real bank, they don't want to be associated with crypto directly. They do have some shell companies which are involved with crypto startups but nothing directly under the flag of ING

It falls faster than others atm.

Go go go go

Bad marketing. That CCK faggot is some employer responsible for marketing. He thought he would commense a big pump in time of serious market correction by giving vague details of partnership announcements. Instead, there was no pump and everyone just dumped after the news because it's not common to dump.
News moon a coin only when released immediately without any ETA or rumours. Take ICX and Bithumb listing for example.
If VEN announced those partnership without the whole rebranding shit on a casual day, it would have boomed.
Additionally, that rebranding stream was a cringefest and many people decided that they don't trust their money in the hands of man children chinks.

who cares if it dumps lower. I just bought 18 earlier with the pitiful change I had left on an exchange and it dropped about right after. And i'll be buying more up later once I move some of my sell them for .50 profit. More coins for me to hold til the rest get purged.

This is a long term hold and if they deliver it'll only work for me in the long term.
But I also dont just invest in crypto so if I lose out on a few hundred putting money into this coin oh well I have more investments.

bs, we are still involved with ING.

source: I actually do work at ING, you kaaskopp.

*they, not we

sorry had some STROOPWAFELS on my keyboard.

at this point you can literally prove that google and amazon are begging to implement your product and everything would still dump another 20%.

the conclusion of this is just that everything is still severely overpumped or (not memeing) priced in. in all seriousness, just think for once moment that the massive absurd pumps and market caps of projects with BILLIONS without fucking working products are neither justified or sustainable.

I think we see more bleeding or sideways action until the good projects actually find adoption.

How much do you think REQ would be worth today if we still were in a bull market and REQ was worth $1.1?

>>announces one of the biggest partnerships in all of crypto
But it didnt?

Great post.


Open a book you fucking uneducated swine

Will they USE the request network though, that is the big question

I don't know which of these anons is telling the truth. Maybe neither...

Why are REQ traders such total pieces of shit?

Literally TRON has better price behavior.

There have been Angel investors at the very early stage of the project and they could dump their REQ at any moment. I suspect that those early institutional investors that bought REQ at $0.02 a piece slowly sold out over time putting a downwards pressure on coin price.

However I think that most have been sold by now so in the future the price should be more stable. However there are a lot of people that bought around $1 that want to exit the market as fast as possible which will put a limit on token value. But that can be said about every crypto right now.

Dear user,

fuck off

Keep up the positive thoughts. Theyre making me cry tears of joy.

yesterdays pump was the reaction to the partnership. By the time its on twitter its far too late.

pleas dip to 2000

>Market goes up, REQ goes down.
>Market goes down, REQ goes down.

I love all the delusional twats in here that don't want to believe that this coin is worthless.

Remember. .05 by summer. .01 by September 28 2018.

Oh hey -- You again :D

So o great one, tell me your favorite coins. Don't worry, I won't be selling a single REQ no matter how "sure" you are

lol confusing IGN with ING and not knowing PWC
also actually exposing yourself like this

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retard fairy quietly whispered to their ears "sell the news" which echoed through their hollow heads until they sold.

9/10 for the replies