Anyone else watching bulls getting slaughtered trying to long bitcoin????????

Anyone else watching bulls getting slaughtered trying to long bitcoin????????

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there's no fun in watching people getting liquidated on their longs

people that is betting against the future of money however, should be enlisted in thai work camps and get raped by negro lady bois

No. You're a bad person

why do you hate free markets? Are you a communist by chance?

> the future of money is 7 transactions per second
> the future of money is $10 per transaction
> the future of money is a deflationary economy that incentivies doing nothing
> the future of money is a currency whose only use case is dealing in illegal goods and money laundering
> the future of money is massive consumption of electricity in the face of climate change
> the future of money is get rich quick schemes

I wonder why anyone would short this miraculous invention.

This. I think we should just kill all the shorters and move on

>Thinks markets shouldn't flucuate.
>Thinks good traders shouldn't profit from natural market rythyms, and thinks bad traders shouldn't be hurt
Literal brainlets.

go back to pol you autistic amateurlet, you are wasting your parents money

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nigger who the fuck cares about bitcorn

its sad to see genuine altcoins that tries to do something fail because the biggest ponzi ever is dragging them down with it

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those are all pretty dishonest points except potentially for the deflationary thing and PoW being wasteful

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keep hodling then monglet

btc tx fee and speed been improving 100x. nice fud faggot. lightning network up in ur tiny boipucci wether u like it or not

60k eoy

heading to 6k

if it is the future of money, the price of fiat should decline compared to it
but all we have is speculatory inflation of an asset itself

That's funny, considering you permabulls and pajeets killed its future by inflating a giant ass bubble. The best thing for btc would've been stability. But no, gotta have muh moon mission. Kys, you're the worst thing that's happened to crypto.

Fees are down and speed is up just because people are using Bitcoin less and less. Transaction counts have more than halved since the top.

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what a slaughterhouse

I just realized, there are even less transactions being made with BTC than at January 2016.

that's mostly due to people using ethereum and to some minor degree, litecoin to move money around

ethereum has been processing over 50% of all crypto transfers for the last 5-6 months desu

This is very true. Once PoS + sharding come along, we might see ETH transaction numbers skyrocket. Doesn't mean the price will follow immediately though. I think it might even take a few years to get back to what once was. The run-up of 2017 was madness for the whole crypto space.

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holy shit bubble burst confirmed.
nodoby is using BTC anymore this is just a whales game now to liquidate you

you misspelled xrp there buddy