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Did you buy the dip Edition

Popular brokers for stock trading:
>commission free and no minimum to open

> How is it free?
Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on cash/securities and fees from their Robinhood Gold service

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

Interactive Brokers
>$1 commission per 100 shares. $10k minimum to open, $3k if 25 or under. Lowest margin interest. Free API access

TD Ameritade
>$6.95 commission per trade. No minimum to open. Fantastic data/charting through their free ThinkorSwim service

Degiro (Cheap broker for Europeans)

Free in depth charts:

Premarket Movers:

Earnings Report Calendar:

Biopharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

S&P 500 VIX Futures (For SVXY/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for SVXY)

buy stocks with bitcoin

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Fat cats for fat gains today, how's everyone holding up? I had a restless weekend myself.

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I have been praying to Gain Knight Sminem

We are going to make it

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I just recently grabbed robinhood. Glad to see it's mentioned here. Now to find more pennystock apps.

Do you know of any that support those dirt cheap pennystocks? I like my 0.0000000001 pennystocks.

investor Z?

Morning all



Anyway, I have telling all week that Trump has been playing 69D chess by spotting China is a little virgin soyboy and calling out on its bullshit

The trade tariffs have only been a false flag for the market correction

Buy the dip, sell the rally

Same couldn’t sleep scared of missing market open.

Looking good so far though.

This still


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Who /buying facebook/ here?

maybe a put

yeah, I'm thinking we're back

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The water is gonna be well chummed today, lads. Personally, I'm looking forward to the discounts.

I think we are experiencing a soft deleveraging here

We may be trading down in a channel with lower highs and lower lows

I don't expect crash nor a recession though.


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wtf is going on with DB?
are they about to go lehmen?

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heres the 1 yr
all that heavy selling in off hours is fucking suspicious

do any europoors around here know what the implications of a bank like DB going tits up would be for the EU?

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They probably invested in TOPS.

Also where are my options Robinhood? Been waiting since January.

Is this a dead cat bounce or we bull market again?

hello tehprofit

A fund manager I like just posted something this morning about europenis banks

From 2008, US banks have recovered and even surpassed their 2008 levels... Not so much for Europoor banks.

And Ray Dalio has taken a massive short position against the European markets.

So yes, potentially systemic risk here (especially when you know how the chinks love investing overseas... for example, HNA has ~10% stake in DB and pledged some of it to secure loans. Now that DB got rekt, I wonder what might happen for HNA in China)

Just a bounce. Won't see new highs until next season earnings start.

this bounce is way too steep. Fully expecting it to be a red day. Smart money is pulling out, but it won't happen in a manner that takes the market vertically down

as far as i can tell, this is the bounce. im going to close out my speculative positions with high beta by the end of the day, honestly. im still spooked as fuck, and more so since ive been looking at bank stock charts all weekend. something smells fishy

good info. i guess its my fault for normally not paying attention to euro banks. what worries me is that a lot of the shit the EU pays for, comes from that bank (of course its mostly globalist bullshit, but still, a bank of that magnitude going down is BAD news for everyone in the EU).

definitely. anything with a beta anywhere near 1 in my portfolio has to go until i see a fucking sign. if i miss this huge climb, so be it

Euro as a currency a giant steaming pile of shit

There will only be one ending to it, a very ugly one.We just don't know about the timing.
Just thinking about how European banks' balance should look like in reality (remember Greece, Italy, Spain etc whose debts are still not market as NPL... I remember very well the episodes of kicking the can down the road) should give you shivers if you have invested into these banks

I am touching myself if I should go short these zombies...

>buy micron near the closing friday
>premarket is up 4%

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>he fell for the crash meme

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I'm ready Trudeau-sama

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i hope everything is starting high just to drop all day

I got $690 to make a call order what stock should I go with I'm thinking FB


take your pick boi

Im doubling down my call from friday

>Just thinking about how European banks' balance should look like in reality (remember Greece, Italy, Spain etc whose debts are still not market as NPL... I remember very well the episodes of kicking the can down the road) should give you shivers if you have invested into these bank
correct me if im wrong, but didnt DB lend out a bunch of the money to initially bail out greece? i cant remember too clearly as i was in high school and not financially savvy at the time.

im closely monitoring FAZ which is 3x short ETF for the financial index of the russell (looking for a break above 13, which will be bad news for banks), and also BKLN which is an ETF that tracks intrabank senior loans, watching for unusual activity in either.

the real thing im worried about on our (US) front is the fact that with all our FED shit, if a crisis DOES start, everyone in the world with any sense at all is going to start dumping treasuries and crash our dollar alongside with the euro. not sure what currency would be left standing as a safe investment. maybe the yen? but they rely so much on american consumers. precious metals?

I was also thinking GE but they just keep shitting the bed

>but didnt DB lend out a bunch of the money to initially bail out greece
Do you think Greece is going to pay back denbts ?
If the answer is no, what would become of the corresponding entries in the asset column in DB's balance shiieet ?

As I said, my favorite fund manager adviced hoding 20% cash in JPY and 20% in gold (physical form lol).

all those are shit meme stocks except for GE, I have a ton of it uniroincally

could see it easily doubling from this level by year end

I'm trying to get away from crypto and actually start trading stocks on Robinhood. Any easy way to transfer btc to my Robinhood account without having to go through coinbase or my bank?

GE to be delisted from the dow 30.

>Do you think Greece is going to pay back denbts?
kek no of course not
>what would become of the corresponding entries in the asset column in DB's balance shiieet?
i think you said it yourself:

>As I said, my favorite fund manager adviced hoding 20% cash in JPY and 20% in gold (physical form lol).
i have a couple hundred yen that i use as poker chips, and one of those "gold" pokemon pikachus that burger king gave out when i was a kid.
i dont think im gonna make it...

Based Northrop Grumman

Ring a ding ding, pucker factor 11

At least I won't need any caffeine to stay awake today

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Thanks for the GE tip i just made $100

NVDA moon mission

I got some silver coinage and some wheat pennies from 1945, let's combine them together and get some Taco Bell

Doesn't feel good today... Its shooting its wad in the morning.

IIRC the DB is a private banks and any of those has any greek debt left. You might be thinking of the Deutsche Bundesbank. I might be wrong though.

Not a bad start to the week.

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Yeah this is way too big of a move.

Where is the AMRS fud fag ?
I need him to call me out of buying AMRS above 6.50$

>up $30 in the first second
>sheitttt nigguh

>every stock doing shit
>GERN still bringing in crypto like gainz
I'm so glad I held.

>sold everything 3:30 Friday


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im not sure desu. thats why i was asking if we had any euros that knew more to fill in the blanks

just wait man. none of this shit looks good or expected or normal at all right now. all indexes are starting up 2%. so where do you think theyre gonna go? up another 2%? no. this shit hasnt even hit the fan yet

So I'm an idiot who started investing for the first time ever in January, and all I've managed to do is lose 8% since then. Despite that, Robinhood thinks I'm sophisticated enough for options. Is there really any point to using options if I've got 3 grand invested total? Seems like the cost of exercising a 100 share option is unaffordable for most stocks.

This desu. I’m gonna do my homework on options a little more.

I bought dropbox, how fucked am I?

at this rate we will have achieve world peace and new aths by the end of the day.

You dont need to exercise the options, just buy and sell them separately.

Just letting you guys know, if the market is regaining confidence with China and the US moving towards negotiation, keep an eye on US GDP to be released 8.30am eastern time on wednesday.

If it's a good number, I'm expecting the market will actually react to it, now that this trade war stuff seems to be cooling off for now.

no, stay away from options until you are not a noob

>They didn't buy the trade war dip

Who here /all in/ on friday?

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Morning smg.
Veeky Forums is just so awful when you guys are not around.

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I played it safe and hedged a bit. Regretful in hidsight, but this didn't necessarily have to turn out the way it did, so no regrets. If GDP is good, I'll adding in more to longs on the Dow.

200 day sma was defended.

Why don’t they split biz into /crypto/ and /business/?

only dipped my toes on RHT

So flip the option to make money on the premium? But if it goes south on you and the person you solid it to exercises it, you're left holding the wrong end of the 100 share bag?

just got paid $11 dollars in dividends
see ya, poorfags

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Also no nujak pls


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whadya mean?

anyone got any real penny stocks that are worth buying up right now?

I got some money in JAGX and AKER and consensus is they might make 10-20% jumps in the coming days.

Got $20 coming from my 100 shares of ECC this Thursday. Dem comfy gains.

>FB related articles
>Why everyone should stop blaming Trump and his tariffs
I think we only have one guy to blame for Facebook... and his name echoes.


Last week's dip was perfect timing for my poorfag's ass to buy in this morning.
Got a couple of value US growth stocks, betting for some big gains in 3-9 months.

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Which stocks?

oddly enough i had that open on stocktwits.

(im actually the poorfag here btw)

how low will facebook go? just got a put for 120 dollars by the end of the week

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tfw was in AKER at .40 and sold at .50 because it was just a meme that I randomly chose

Big dip on VTGN, time to buy.

>in AKER at .40 a
you shoulda held it bruh.

I don't like this price action

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buy the Ko dip

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kek it all seems a little too cheery, doesnt it?

the thing im confused about is why gold seems to be rallying even while we just got a rate hike. i thought that normally rate hikes would cause a small dump in gold.

can someone please explain to me why Robinhood lies about the prices you buy in at?

Say you buy a stock for 1.00 but when you go to see your purchase price it will say 1.05 or some retarded shit where they magically add shit on it. Anyone have this issue?

Nigga that's dumb

>he doesn’t know about order types

Yeah, I fucked up. I'd be driving my lambo right now

>he doesn’t know about order types
i dont..im fairly new to the RH game. I imagine you can buy in at set points and sell at set points?

It's almost..... Like...... Prices................ Fluctuate...... Hmm...........
I use multiple different brokerages. RH is pretty accurate.

Out of curiosity, are you placing a market order to buy, and do you only get partially filled at $1 before price jumps to $1.05?

already up 20 bucks ill prob just sell

How much lower till you buy in to AMD. Wait till it hits $10?

Henlo /smg/ please help I don't know about stonks only coins. How long does it usually take between private sale and an IPO? I have a bunch of private sale stocks of a med device company that were purchased 20 years ago? Will I ever get money for them?

Also I have $25 on robinhood what stock should I buy? Should I buy the Amyrsis thing you always talk about?

i place an order to buy.
it goes thru
the price listed when i buy is at 1.00
when i check the portfolio it says buy in at like different prices.

For someone who invests in expensive stocks its no big deal but penny stocks losing a penny per share is kinda annoying.

>Sunrun will hit $9 by the end of this month

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Yeah 10 is a good buy in for the swing nice trips btw.