cashed out at 20k

> cashed out at 20k

living the dream

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Why the fuck did you let a fatass touch you then if you are so rich?

me on the right

Wtf is she 11?

Now i have proof that bitcoin users are sex ofenders
She isnt 18

>you will never be rich enough to turn yourself into a cute 11 year old redhead girl

She does look like she is about to cry tho

Nah, he's just american

You think that beat up old face with eye bags and lines is an 11 year old? lmfao. That's a slut that's stayed up late many nights drinking and sucking dick.

Dw op im joking
Enjoy (:

That's what 18-20 year old looks like outside of north america. American girls like they are 27 by the time they graduate from high school.

Poor girl looks like she’s being held against her will, and the guy next to her literally looks like la creatura....

Cute meido desu

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I admire the mental strength of those sluts.

who are these people

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I meant

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don't bog me user

who's the qt maid lady?

This shit is clearly photoshopped lol


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>mfw bagholding btrash hoping for the flippening while OP was already dumpin loads on destitute ginger LARPettes

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This is your "wholesome" little angel. The girl you spent YEARS instilling values into. A girl that you hugged with such gusto when she realized she was riding her bike without your hand on the back of the seat after you took the training wheels off. The girl that ran home excited beyond belief with a blue ribbon for her science fair project you happily and eagerly spent hours of your rare and precious free time to help her put together. The girl who told you "you're the best daddy in the world!!!" when, against all odds, you found that one must have toy for her that one Christmas so many years ago.

This is what she has become. Eye candy for random weirdos on Insta to jerk off to. A slam piece for nigs and dudes with more muscles than brains or desire to succeed in life to use as a cum receptacle, to fuck without even knowing her last name.

Your little angel, who will lie to your face and tell you she's walking with a slight limp because she strained her hamstring during cheer practice but in truth it's because she took the biggest cock she's ever seen directly into her cunt in the backseat of the car you worked a job you HATE when you let her borrow it to "go to the movies" with her friend two doors down.

Me on the left :3

awesome blog now what's the qt redhead maid's name/IG

are you okay, user?

Unreliable source says it's rikku_the_leaf

R-really? :3

But seriously, how are eastern european girls so perfect?

Scratch that, better source says it's

Fucking A if this is not copypasta!

the other girl is much cuter tho :3c

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I cashed out at 17k, they all told me it would go back up.

ALthough I didnt even cash out 20% of all my coins.

Sweet thanks user. I'm always looking for eyecandy to follow on IG. Best I got in life since I tend to never leave the house


>asking OP if they're your friend
get out

>being this new
>not watching last man on earth

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Chu' want cracka?

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That girl looks like a man

where can i find a qt like this that hasn’t taken 20 dicks

its pasta my friend

You're welcome user. Here's a few more people I found on there (all were found thanks to Veeky Forums I think). I only wish I knew more users from's area.

Everything we love has been cummed on. Accept it and you'll be much happier.

i would sell all my REQ for mika

Only insecure neckbeards think about this
this is bascially every post on r/braincels or /r9k/
Please just kys and stop filling this board with subnormie trash

You wish. This was going around /g/ yesterday.