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I held from $9k to $19k to $6k until now. I want to die.

I watch and love MLP a lot. A LOT.

can't wait for Game of Thrones 2019!

I post the same NEO thread every day.

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Sold 1.5k ven at 4300 sats


I'm the one who writes the Peter Schiff Copy Pasta

I once chased down a goose and strangled it to death just because I was so angry that I'd lost $500 on shitcoins

fuck...if you're serious....

seek help

no troll

Have over half a million dollars but wont tell my family.

I have more money in powh now than i have in my eth wallet. I originally put in only 10%

I've never had a 2d waifu. All my waifues been 3d. I started with stock trading / investing this year, at the very end of the boom and I'm in the red. I knew about BTC back when people put pens in their poopers but I didn't buy. I mined some but gambled it away.

I hold one of the biggest earning long term but no one on Veeky Forums ever talks about it and that's how I knew this place was filled with retards

i scam normies on twitter

I got paid today my 2k euro from wagecucking and fomo'd all in on req now i dont what am i going to eat tomorrow i have 0 bucks and the pay with request button is still not fucking ready fucjing french people

>Shit tier: Buying shit constantly shilled by Veeky Forums
>Mid tier: Buying shit which Veeky Forums fud at every turn
>God tier: Buying shit Veeky Forums doesn't even talk about
Nice, keep up the good work

You hold linkies?

I had $891k in Dec and took zero profits. I wanted to hit a mil

literally suck a dick, euros are gay and will pay for it

This is so true it hurts. Everything that’s shilled on Veeky Forums is absolutely shit tier and will only lose you money.

200coins more and im holding a stack that will net me 1M eoy 2019, im on the verge of tears right now. And when i will make it, ill cry like a little bitch couse i can start to live my humble dream of playing vidyas in my own house.

I went from poorfag to millionaire from 2010-2017 due to crypto and I'm now poor again due to December-March.

I wish I never fell for the daytrading meme. I barely have 200k while I had almost 3M in November.

If I didn't already buy a house I would have killed myself by now.

It feels good to not be a burger

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did you pay your taxes?

No taxes on crypto where I live.

I'm a buttmad noGPU gaymer from /g/ (sic!) that comes here only to ease my pain by watching you posting pink wojaks when another fall comes. I don't hold any coins.

In all honesty we're posting pink wojaks ironically, but i can feel your pain, only started this crypto shit because had no gpu for vidya.

I was going to buy stellar at 500 sats but didn't bc I thought it was just a pump

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this is why I own a lot of TEL

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I confess that only retards invest in cryptocurrency
and only faggot pedophiles use it.
I would unironically support the banning of crypto altogether.

Say you love MLP in Stock Market General and see what happens.

bog yourself.

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In early Jan I was boasting to buddies how "I could buy a house mortgage free" with my gains now I'm down 50% on my initial.

Good. Geese are assholes.

The world would be safer if you kys tbqh

God I am sick of this fucking larp
>I hab sdcret coin... but Im not telling tee hee
Kys pageet

Fell for dogecoin pump, invested 9k EUR and ended with very heavy bags of shit.

Still waiting for a pump.

I feel you user. I feel you. Good luck with your dreams. I wish you well

Wow that is brutal. I really hope this turns around eventually.

is this you?

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Only about $75 total investments in crypto but the next fill days will see me amping things up alot and buying a couple of coins for longterm hold.

I also got back into pennystocks and am always looking for more 0.0000000001 pennystocks to buy. Currently on otc looking around for potentials.

I was in crypto 2 yrs ago but got out due to personal issues and still am kicking myself for not making investments a full time job

I used to think that 'Proof of Concept' was a new method of mining to replace Proof of Work and Stake


Holding LINK

Will continue holding LINK

I went all in on OMG in Aug and im still at breakeven.

I made $300k in Dec and didnt cash out anything, now I'm barely at $100k.

I'm such a manlet even my 2d waifu rejected me.