Im up almost 90% in 10 days on POWH3D. Doubling this by next week

Im up almost 90% in 10 days on POWH3D. Doubling this by next week.

Please tell me how this will fail and how its ponzi and contract is bad and all of that why you hodl your red coins that just doesnt seem to have ant bottom.


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There's no reason _not_ to be in this.

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Well, the divs start coming and...

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imagine bleeding by holding alts in this market and not being invested in PoWH yet

im just here chilling with my comfy dividends and token price increase while seeing retards cry

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Good work pajeets

This is why Veeky Forums deserves to stay poor.

All these "legit projects" and the only thing pumping is the literal ponzi. Fuck crypto.

To all the newfags, don't believe this bullshit.
This is how it goes: Let's say you put 0.5 ETH at this stage, the first thing that happens is you immediately lose about 50%, after that you get back in dividends some like 0.0000000000000000000000001 ETH every couple of months. If that still sounds like a good deal then go for it!

I'm up 1 ETH in 6 days and the divs keep coming...


How many phones do you own?

Current chart.

Im laughing all the way to the bank.

Please post more wojaks biz. Youre the best.

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Wat is this POWH3D? Cant find it in CMC

More likely just a plain old VPN m8

>confirmed for having no idea what he's talking about
If you put in 0.5 ETH you'll "lose" 0.05 ETH on buy due to 10% purchase fee.

Too many for you to stop this.

Confirmed shitcoin holder.

Dude, just join us now and see the light. You are early if you go now. This hasent exploded yet and people are gaining double tripple returns in weeks.

Investing in this shit is almost as stupid as buying LINK!


You see, while Link is plumething, this thing is mooning.

>he didn't buy the coin that has mooned and will moon for the next 12 months straight

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Unironically all in. Turned 1.8 ETH into 5.4 so far. You’re not too late for once, biz.

>people are gaining double tripple returns in weeks.

I'm sure the first couple of people who entered the contract are! As for going in now, no thank you.

You will literally x2 in 2 weeks if you get in now.

But do you want to know why people really are into this? Dividens!! The bigger this thing gets, the divs just keep raiseing man.

Just think about getting 100$ daily for doing nothing?

This. Everyone remember that earlyfags NEED constant new eth pumping in for this to stay alive. It dies when it stops pumping. And, you now need literally 10,000x more eth increases to see your own tokens go up than the earlyfags did.

Not worth it. Stay safe.

>The bigger this thing gets, the divs just keep raiseing man

You mean, you get an ever shrinking % of an ever shrinking amount of eth. Ok.

nope there really are a lot of us making $$ here

I see you havent done the math.

Please do the math.

Also, go back and post more wojaks.


>up on eth
>down on usd

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Here are my gains pleb

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Just buy with divs mate. Im buying every 0.02 eth back in. More p3d tokens, more divs. Fees are nothing.