Beginning of Depression

Do you have enough liquidity for this sideway-market that may last for a while Veeky Forums?

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What happen after disbelief? New high?

Trading a bit with some of my stack but holding the rest for years if I have to.

It's Koenigseggs or death.

more like Denial going into Panic



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nigga this is "Anxiety". We're going to $500.

3k when

So another 3 months at most? That's nothing.

If people zoomed out and based it on % increase rather than price, we got a lot further to fall.....

Here's what you and most people who compare this to the 2014 crash aren't getting. There's another 3 months of crashing at most, yes. That's true. Then YEARS of sideways movement at the bottom and a gradual liftoff back to all time high.

The actual end of the drop comes in a few months max. It's the seemingly endless sideways motion that will take place at the bottom "like 2k" for the following 2 years which will kill most of Veeky Forums, before it really takes off again.

>3 months
I don't think so, but that's what I'm hoping.

Or it just stays low

>the following 2 years which will kill most of Veeky Forums
True. Bizfags probably will end-up being Trumpfags on /pol/ out of boredom then.

This. People are still delusional as fuck. We're barely entering anxiety. We some real crashing to sober them up.

we're in anxiety

We aren't sideways yet. We need to wait for the crash and a lowering of volatility as most people get out of the market. When the price hangs around 2,000-3,000 or even lower for months on end that's how you know you have the right entry.

Years of sideways movement, fuck off brainlet.
This year and next year the first blockchain projects will come into fruition and actually start saving businesses money.
The legitimate projects will skyrocket so fucking hard you'll first be in denial but probably buy at the top, the Veeky Forums way.

Meme lines go out of the window once the market shifts from speculative to actual improvements in the way businesses are being ran.

Or it goes back to $0.10 and stays there.
And all the Boomers laughed at how a bunch of retards fell for the most obvious 'tulipmania' bubble in recent history

>for a while
Oh no! I don't know how do I survive those 2 months. Retadr.

>being an edgy angry teenager

you're gonna lose your money anyway

Yes blockchain, not crypto

cool argument user, damn I really got told.
Cryptocurrencies are essential for running distributed ledgers ya doofus.

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A retarded teenager pretending to know shit on an anonymous board needs to be mocked, not argued.

>Cryptocurrencies are essential for running distributed ledgers ya doofus.
No. The only point of utility tokens is rewarding node operators. However, that is not necessary in a business setting.


you all will be wrong in the end. fuckin autists

Explain user, how can businesses benefit from distributed ledgers without having to pay to use them?

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>cars a cool. The motors in them are useless though

>its not necessary to ensure the security of a distributed ledger in a business setting

how many times have you been dropped on your head as a child

Why would they pay to use them if they can simply run them themselves?

So you're saying that, for example, IBM Hyperledger is insecure?

Nah, cars are the mining farm, the motors are blockchain, scented air freshener is crypto

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so why do you think projects like iExec exist in the first place? Crypto is nothing more than another way to outsource work and save money this way.

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Because centralised systems are vastly inferiour, with distributed ledgers businesses can do do business in a trustless manner because they know sensitive data cannot be tampered with.

Centralised systems are how bank, insurance and supply chain management fraud and hacks are commited. The biggest innovation of distributed blockchains is that it is TRUSTLESS data, once it's stored in a block it's always there. if the implications for these multi trillion dollar don't click with you than stay poor.

The platforms that are currently in developement will add so much value to how businesses are being ran it'll make your head spin, but making them costs millions in R&D, the tech is still very young but it's the biggest innovation since the internet self.

Decentralized cloud computing is a total meme, there's no advantage in using it at all

This is denial.
Don't start thinking that there will be some bottom, where a definitive reversal happens and we'll suddenly enter a new bullmarket. The 'bottom' can last for years, where most people have lost hope in cryptos altogether and everything moves sideways.
While a lot here might think of 2017 as just a good year in cryptos, in hindsight we might start to look at it as a year of crazy gains that happens only once in a lifetime, even in crypto space. We might not go back to same price levels for many years to come.

So, my answer on the bottom would be: What price would Bitcoin have to go to and stay for 2 years for you (as a normal crypto investor) to totally give up on it? That will be the bottom.

The point is, enterprises can run their own distributed ledgers and their own nodes. They don't need the outside world to partake.

I actually don't view blockchain as too much of a revolution, there will be other, much bigger revolutions ahead (AI, space exploration etc)


I hope you are wrong but that makes sense.
>tfw didn't fell on Clif's meme

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You really think everyone would just let crypto sit there going sideways for years?

They've already had a taste of the kind of gains that can be made, any hint at a return to a bull-market and everyone and their mum will be jumping in for round 2.

>institutional money is on hodl

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2 years? Great that gives me more time to slowly but surely dump more money into the dips
Crypto/pennystock/forex anything really. I'll take those sweet dips. Got a 12yr plan i'm in

>Penny stock
Buy $TIXC, thank me later.

If enterprises run their own nodes the whole trustless part is gone, which drives up the insurance and auditing and hosting prices. While also impeding the security.

The funny thing is, there is little point in such funds because all crypto is unequivocally tied to bitcoin and once it tanks, everything tanks (both in USD and satoshi)

Not as long as immutability is cryptographically secured. Running a server is not that expensive.

Looking into right now. Thanks user.

No worries, it used to pay $0.25 dividend annually. Their business was fucked after the Vegas shooting. They have a very good balance sheet so they should be fine.

No this can take a full year. (kek)

I'll keep that in mind. Added them to my list of stocks to snatch up asap.
Plus I really like that price.

plus one thing, if you look at their filing, the CEO announced he was personally going to buy 2MM of the companies' shares.

i used an occult oracle technique few months ago how to figure when it hits ATH again. Match was 2.5years from back then (which is Summer 2020). Not gonna BS you or go into details how this works but, this stuff is usually correct.

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This is what i, unfortunately, think is actually going to happen as well. Get ready to die, everyone.

biz is back at shilling stocks?
we truly have hit the bottom

I'll shill you gold but I'm not a kike.

>hurrdurr I know the future


I'm bad at trading so just holding btc eth and skycoin for a year or so

Invested $40k in Feb. At less than $5k I won't care anymore.
$25k rn. Req, Omg, Link and Nano bags.

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hmm. is that $1 million slightly before or slightly after 2020? critical question for mccafee

If businesses run their own nodes, how can other businesses trust them in not altering their ledgers? If only there was a way for a distributed ledgers to exist where this problem is solved, hmmmm

damn, I did put in 32k, down more than 60%, I am ready to ride it to zero, and then, I am still not selling

I want my 10x !

What you're talking about is the double spending problem, it's been solved

>I am ready to ride it to zero

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>3 months of crashing
>3 years sideway

you´re just pulling random numbers out of your ass, and talking like you actually have any idea what you´re talking about, btc lost almost 70% of its value already, we been bouncing between 6-11k for almost 2 months now, i don´t know how long it will take for us to recover, it may take years, but you will die wishing btc goes to 2k

not happening

>he warned us

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It will, you think it will just crash in a few weeks/months? The reason these targets are set is not based on TA (not here atleast) its based on market psychology, bubble has popped boy. Now you can join the slow bleedout or get on BitMex and start making money.

I was a Trumpfag before I came to Veeky Forums. And I'm still one.

Yes, gonna rebuy every fucking month.

The thing is that the people that are still holding right now are already the type of people that will never sell and instead ride it all to 0.

If going by normie standards then we've been far below their bottom. Everyone that I knew was in crypto isn't in crypto anymore since February or has just given up on their crypto and won't even bother cashing out anymore "just in case it'll turn into a lot in 10 years time" and they don't even look at it.

Either this is the bottom if it's fueled by consumer behavior or it has a long way to go if institutional investors/whales start cashing out over those long dragged-out years.

You corecucks are in anxiety. Alts are in depression and are giving less and less of a fuck about gramps shutting himself every day

If that's true then I'm out. 2 years is a lot of time for me.

>/poltard/ on Veeky Forums
Seeing Elsa's head smashed with a bottle by Muhammad doesn't turn you anymore? kek

I think we're already at the bottom and even I agree it'll take more than 2 years before a bullrun comes again.

Also are you really that impatient? I'm already an older dude and 2 years feels like an eyeblink to me.

>If that's true then I'm out
bizfag gives up, Depression confirmed.

turn you on*

Market landscape is different now than it was, Governments beginning to seriously look into blockchain tech and cryptocurrency and projects are starting to take shape that unironically have use cases and a reason to exist rather than things like Bitcoin, Ltc, Doge w/e now most "serious" blockchain startups are aiming to solve an issue or create a network infrastructure actual apps can function on in a useful way. The challenge comes in seperating the pointless issues from ones that actually exist.

IMHO people are mistaken in believing that they're too early or too late, unironically now is a perfect time to get into this sphere as it's transitioning from the conceptual stage of the tech to actually developing blockchain tech for use by big business and corporations even nations. The truth is that no one can KNOW that Bitcoin is gonna drop to 7/6/5/4/3/2/1k. The day draws closer and closer that BTC will be taken off of top spot. Until then it's just a ponzi game, but anyone who thinks now is a bad time to get involved in crypto or blockchain tech are wrong, you don't even have to buy/sell just be aware of what's happening and be prepared to get on board with a company or foundation you can actually confidently see the point in existing and being used.

The problem with being in the right place at the right time is that you don't know until it's actually happened. Idiots leaving cause they FOMO'd in to get rich quick and leaving after being burned without learning a lesson will be crying here in 2/3 years that they sold their 1000 token at 2 dollars each and it's now worth 100/1000/10000 whatever.

Yes, there's definitely an unprecedented number of new crypto start-ups these days with all kinds of ambitious (and useless) ideas. Most of them will undoubtedly go bankrupt (but no earlier than they cash out their ICO money). This is when we'll see the second wave of despair.

Yeah it seems like anyone can start a project and the founders are whales that just pump the hype then dump their shit and cash out. Not encouraging at all

And a pretentious teenager is no better. So how about you stop maymaying and actually post an argument you faggot

M8 we're not even at capitulation

This user knows what's up, first smart comment I've seen in this thread. It only took you guys about 55 tries.

UGHHH you fucking faggots. 4k-3.5k floor..............................than we start goin up after new years again to over 400,000 each.


Does anyone here know how to look at bitcoin on an inverse chart? Don't see any options on trading view, I wanna see just how bullish we are on the inverse.

flip the chart horizontally

just put 1- before the symbol
like 1-BTCUSD

Together we hold, deluded we fall

Let's fall together! Come on come on let's fall together!

>let's fall together

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Thankfully, I can wait it out for years until the market turns back again. I just have to wageslave again. Might be good, I haven't really been that happy being unemployed and just trading crypto.

because the costs saved in other areas will provide more profit than the costs of using the DLT, as with any innovation you dumbass.

Maybe because you didn't make enough money? I was pretty happy trading cryptos the profits turned made me surge with adrenaline.

Nah, I was 10x in january, made quite a bit, didn't cash out though, so still holding.

It's just not that interesting anymore, we are all pretty much waiting for tokens to actually launch mainnet and get usage.

Also, my personal life is kind of fucked up, I think my parents are disappointed in me, they would be happy to know I found a job at a firm or something.

Thanks bro

It won't be this big anymore because once it begins to grow everybody will be trying to cash out at the highest peak before everything will crash again.

For now. Bitcoin is a metric for an immature market.

Buffet doesn't understand how to approach technology from an investment perspective. He admits to it.

Fucking retard no one knows the peak that's the whole point no one wants to sell when its going up, only people with a brain or experience and control of emotional trading

People will cash out at what they think is a new peak, thus it will be rise-and-crash until everyone lose any interest.