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reminder that charlie lee sold the top. LMAO

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the original chink scam

Hey hey hey !!!
Sold this shit and 15 Eth 2 weeks ago for Req.
Good riddance fuckers !

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Thanks for the money, idiots.





>trusting chinks

sometimes you get what you deserve

This explains why bitcoin dumped so hard earlier, insiders sold off and cashed out

litecoin wasn't even the first copy and paste shitcoin of bitcoin, it's only so high because chinks own 80% of the supply and have to sell very slowly or they'll destroy the entire market.



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dont worry folks our data shows LTC is still on the path for 1500 $+ by april 18 just hold on good days will come for those who hold !!!
Charlie Lee chinked u hard with his story.He knew what was gonna happen

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tfw just placed a 3 BTC 10x short on LTC.

Here we go, boys.

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jesus fuck I hate australians

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go to bed, moot

LTC has been a useless copycat run by a conman from the beginning. Charlie Lee not only pumped
LTC and then exit scammed but was instrumental in preventing Bitcoin scaling by pushing for small blocks, presumably to temporarily create artificial demand for LTC.

I agree on this. TRX is next.

And had the nerve to act to sermonize about how he was doing it out of the goodness of his heart to avoid "conflicts of interest"

the guys a total whacko he has no sense of professionalism. remember when he posted FAGS on twitter? fucking absolute retard

Can't this shitcoin ever catch a break?

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I short this shit all in leverage 3

haha good riddance to the shittiest coin out there. nice to see all those twitter crypto thots getting rekt.

Fuck's sake. Exiting BTC short to short this shit. Should be an easy 15-20% drop.

Did the same ! Cheers !

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Yea. I can't tell if he's devious or a seriously misguided, pretentious, self-righteous autist.

His whole "I'm selling to avoid conflicts of interest" never made any sense at all. All he needed to do was stop FUDing his own coin on Twitter.

Avoiding conflicts of interest is something you expect from NEUTRAL parties, not from project or company leaders. If a CEO announced that he was selling all of his stock in the company to avoid a “conflict of interest”—aka having a direct financial interest in the success of the company—no one would be reassured. You want the head of a project to be conflicted—not to financially disinterested in the success of failure of the project. If Charlie wanted to avoid rumors of price manipulation all he had to do was reassure everyone that is HODLING long-term, so he isn’t affected by short-term ups and downs, but he still has skin in the game. (He could even have had a third party verify that he’s holding if he’s worried about not being believed.)

LitePay has been announced dead for weeks now. Good luck shorting nothing guys


Charlie Lee is officially a piece of shit

Now this is litepay will NEVER happen dude

If LTC was just a scam by Charlie to artificially inflate a worthless digital asset and sell it all off when it mooned, then why is he still working on LTC every single day?


That shit is just speculation.

This is official news. It will dump hard.

He isn't. You got chink'd

first chinked by charlie lee, then niggered by the crypto bubba ceo

S to shit on grave

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>sell it all off when it moons
Ok so what happens when we're at 1500 in May, what argument do you make them you fucking brain damaged senile reptilian cock bandit

Is that you Marius?

on the same page as bitcoin soon to be in the history dust bin


sorry late adopter, but as long as this market is run by the rich and early, bitcoin is going nowhere