Veeky Forums why haven't you fixed your Phimosis yet?

No girl ever wants to touch your penis is your foreskin can't retract over the head of your cock and have hidden smegma.

Fix it user.

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how about you get circumcised like the rest of the first-world, OP.


get the fuck out of biz faggot

>t. Proud mutilated goy cattle

>Business and Finance

cutting dicks is retarded and anti sexual.

It is done originally to prevent masturbation.

It is done in highly religious shitholes like the Jew Es Ae

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obviosuly this is for uncut people. and I know this is Veeky Forums, thats why im posting here
this is an investment
the best investment is investing in yourself

Un-circumcised penises are more sensitive and you experience more pleasure. Just keeping it clean is enough.

best investment is going full homo

>rest of the first-world
56 percenters, everyone
ptoip: the USA is the only first world nation that routinely circumcises infants (apart from Israel)

because the usa is run by israel.
but all /pol/ shit aside, any circumcised guy should really look up circumssioin red pills, and you will finally realise how stupid it is.

Now I don't blame you for it, so don't feel bad. It's your fucked up culture/parents.
A rational american man would realise that being uncut is better, but there is nothing he can do about it, so he wouldnt be salty about it.

>be doctor
>only time I got to my own GP is dick issues
>had skin bridges snipped few years ago
>still phimosis
>Have a procedure to loosen the foreskin, under LA, while the surgeon makes shit jokes whilst mutilating my foreskin
>finally get circumcision
>get an infection
>dick seen by infinite people
>mfw no more foreskin issues
>no more smegma
>gf loves it, loves sucking dick
>life is good again

Happy for you man

Nice trips
Could you please show a photo of your penis? A friend of mine wants to see it.

I only like the self inflicted pain of a red portfolio physical pain is gross retarded and primitive

Fixing your phimosis shouldn't cause pain, just uncomfortable for a little bit. 20 mins in the morning 20 mins at night for a couple of weeks. its a good investment user.
did it recently and it has changed my life

>tfw can easily pull back foreskin but banjo string is too short so it just bounces back

thanks dude
No. GF wanted to see it right after the op - not a fucking chance, swollen, bloody, stitches everywhere. She'd never touch it again. Showed her 6 weeks later when I was ready for some gentle action...
cool thing is, with all the local anaesthetic pumped into your dick, you look hung like a horse first few hours after the op.

fuck off jew

can that be fixed user?


Yes it can. The "banjo string" is called a frenulum and having a short one is a common problem that can be fixed easily with light surgery. See your doc.

Can you have sex with phimosis? I'm a 24 yo kissless hugless virgin and I highly doubt I'll ever get to use my dick at all but it still has me curious. I can pull it back easily when I'm soft, but I'm quite a grower so it's virtually impossible when I'm fully erect.

Yes. Just bang a tight chick hard enough until it rips apart. It hurts a bit but thanks to the fact that you're banging a hot chick you don't feel a thing until after it's over.

Yes, if enough lube, or just use condoms.