How low does the price need to get before people start actually buying again?

How low does the price need to get before people start actually buying again?

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Seems to be 8k

4k or less

Bitcoin started to make noise in the media
the craze started at11/15k

It’s been hovering around 8k for a month and volume is still shit.

Well yeah, it hasn't been able to sustain any lower that's why I'm saying 8

yeah volume is shit when you're not breaking ATHs every week, color me surprised

Don't start thinking that there will be some bottom, where a definitive reversal happens and we'll suddenly enter a new bullmarket. The 'bottom' can last for months/years, where most people have lost hope in cryptos altogether and everything moves sideways.
While a lot here might think of 2017 as just a good year in cryptos, in hindsight we might start to look at it as a year of crazy gains that happens only once in a lifetime, even in crypto space. We might not go back to same price levels for many years to come.

So, my answer would be: What price would Bitcoin have to go to and stay for 2 years for you (as a normal crypto investor) to totally give up on it? That will be the bottom.



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Anything over 0 is overvalued.

Couldn’t the price rise and fall based on people using bitcoin for buying goods and services though?

Or is the BTC price wholly based on speculators at this point?

Not wholly, but it might as well be... This user is right, our last bottoming out hit around $200 and the whole ordeal lasted years, a lot has changed since then but then again maybe it isn't even king that makes it next time

6k because that will be double bottom

>your personal feelings determine/predict the market for years into the future, trust me

The absolute state.

Somewhere around 2k I might consider putting some money in, maybe.

Sub $1k levels bro.
Then two years with max $2k movement.
Then moon slowly for 5 years to $20k again. Then bullrun to $80k in late 2023.

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lost me after the first sentence.

it's going sideways at 8k, kek

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Tough luck buddy.

Lol thread over


oh fuck

This is literally the most retarded “prediction” I’ve seen. Fucking absolute state of biz

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he's gonna take you back to the past to cuck himself for the last

I'd unironically buy at >$1


$15-20k for normies to FOMO buy back
$2k - $4k for those who're waiting to buy low

It's not about price, it's about time and opportunity.

2017 was a huge opportunity for Bitcoin, and it/we blew it. After years of being a niche market, flying under the radar and almost completely unnoticed by the mainstream except for the rare commentator who would report that it was the currency of black market criminals, we finally had a boom of mainstream attention (and money) come our way in 2017. Every news outlet was suddenly reporting about Bitcoin and crypto, and desperately trying to explain to an uninformed public what the term "blockchain" meant.

It was the exact sort of breakout that we needed, and it was the one that had been building for years. People were paying attention to Bitcoin, and normies were excited that they could watch their portfolios grow by more than $1k in a day. Then came the crash. We are where we are today because all of those normies who put their money into a "new" market that they didn't fully understand got burned. They're gone now, and they took the volume with them. This is back to being a niche market, and we can expect to continue to see the kinds of performance we saw pre-2017 until enough time passes that we can convince the normies to buy back in.


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when it stops being so obviously manipulated.


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when it's back down to $25 ill buy again.

There's going to be new innovations in crypto that will render bitcoin obsolete.

half of the accounts were made after price reached 7500 usd. that seems to be the breaking point where people start to panic sell thus price going up

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nobody will buy again



This gone be gud

such as?
inb4 hashgraph

He's right you know



>How low does the price need to get before people start actually buying again?

What did he mean by this? The fact that we're hovering around $8k means equal amounts of people are buying and selling, so yeah people are buying. If they weren't buying it would be dropping lower and lower and lower. Dumb thread.

You mean normies? Not until it stabilises.

Personally I'm preparing my anus for much lower prices before May. At the end of the day, these sub 10k prices are going to look like a bargain in 2-3 years. Till then, the longer they stay low the more I can buy. I'm half expecting 4.9k before May. In May I expect things to pick up but who knows.

who is she




Tree fiddy. 3.50. Buy all btc sir. Most good coin.

>Couldn’t the price rise and fall based on people using bitcoin for buying goods and services though?

theoretically yes, but no. this is 100% speculation.

there is no floor when a couple of whales own 80% of the supply. the market will go wherever they decide. which is why it's a fucking scam

Sorry user. $7780 is the dip.
Buy now or regret later.


whywould anyone ever buy again?

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poeple waiting for tax returns

Give me that zero senpai

actually it seems pretty good. I been in the markets for years, this is how things often play out. "The stock market is the most efficient way to transfer from the impatient to the patient" -Warren Buffet

>panic selling
>price goes up
Absolute state

just bought in at $7926

Bitcoin price is going to dip a lot in the next few months. People will need to sell bitcoin to pay off taxes. They might even have brought at 20k, giving them a huge loss.

They will never go back to bitcoin.

Bitcoin is dead.


i agree. dip should end after tax season

8 for me

Wall street bonuses get paid out this Friday


Lmao. Its pretty funny that if the price stabilised and bitcoin achieved mainstream adoption everyone here would be pissed. Fucking brainlets.

Everyone convince everyone on the Internet to sell. Then when it goes down to 1$ everyone buys again. Profit

Strong support at $1

If we are talking about normies, it needs to go above $20k
If about "institutional investors", they are already buying, and probably going to keep it under pressure until regulations regarding cryptos are clear.

3 digits

Ben is kinda cute desu

institutional investors are making bank right now, and controlling everything.

they have no reason to drive the price up to $20k++ when they know how to make just as much money by controlling market swings down in the dumps. These frequent +/-$1000 swings with seemingly no "news" behind them are very calculated by people who know exactly what they're doing.



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The true answer is that we have reached a channel that is flexible but not breakable. There are too many people who say BARGAIN BARGAIN when it hits 7200. There are too many futures and shorting has become a epidemic, people making obscene wealth just shorting it at the top which is roughly 9200. The shorts push it down and there is usually some news of a large investor GTFO of Dodge about these levels because of fear.

Eventually this channel WILL tighten because people will realize the game and there will not be a dip into 5k. So for a year it will consolidate into the 8-9100 levels until people get bored with their measly 8% profits with massive risk. (This is assuming Bitmex finally stops letting people do such retarded leverage like 200X which has to happen).

The stories of ballsy traders who make millions just by shorting shitcoin will make every coiner beat their wives.


I would buy at 3$



Yes, it's called smart money and they are shorting monglets since 19.5 k.

Please God, I need this...



I need khazar milkers in my mouth


Because their bank failed them

Waiting for the poop/btc pairing to hit my local atm.

SoyBoy here btw.

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Or maybe after Christmas?

>How low does the price need to get before people start actually buying again?
See? This is what cryptofags don't understand. It's not the price that makes a coin valuable it's the use it has.