Is any altcoin appreciating against BTC right now?

Let me in PLEASE

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we will soon enter panic mode BTC LTC ETH all dying
Brace yourself

Unironically P3D.

RLC & ADX are solid buys right now. Both in the bottom of a massive cup, moon incoming...

Yes, Tether.

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ast is pumping for some reason

I think we already missed that pump, friend

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just short it

>ADX mooning after it was literally dumped yesterday

Keep your bags to yourself

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>implying i'm going to transfer my coins to Kucoin

AION quietly mooning in 15-30 days.


Why would I buy that pumped and dumped piece of shit

That would be like paying for a hooker that just got gangbanged and used up an hour ago

WePower and PRL

Mainnet still has to release before end March


You fags are retarded. Buy in the bases and enjoy the low risk holds.
mfw all my coins are green from purchase

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>buy a coin thats unironically mid-dump

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NEO is dirt cheap right now
Chinks might suddenly pump this Chinese mETH again

ONT for short term gains


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Sky will surge very soon

I want to buy back into NEO, but it's not low enough for me yet.


>NEO is dirt cheap right now

Nah, Neo was $30 before December and it will be again shortly. Buying now is just an easy 0.5x.

not if you bought a few days ago


That's what always happens after a test pump you dumbo. Altcoin cycle is moon -> crash -> test pump -> moon -> repeat.

Syscoin is about the only coin you should invest in at this moment. Decentralized web-based market coming soon. Disruptive and better than what we have now. Has real businesses invested.

Other good news but off less importance
- listing on canadian Exchange in coming months
- Masternodes next week
- ICO platform next week with highest tps of any coin and lowest fee. Can import eth smart contracts. First airdrops in june.

Go for reallife usecase (webmarket). Sell your muhtechcoins. They will bleed out.