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b-b-bull run s-s-oon

1-1-111--00000k eoy


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there will be a bullrun in my never ending sweet dreams

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And ETH below $500 again, today is going to be a bad day.

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wtf is this blur faggot.
ever heard of focal?

back to work guys

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pls.....not today

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AHAHAHAHA you really can't do anything right. Disappointment after disappointment for the rest of your life

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s...should i just keep hodling

hodl for lyfe....hold....hold to zero

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Sick of this shit

the blur made it focus on the frog and noose you sad pathetic shit talker. Always flapping your cunthole never actually being usful. Are you sure you aren't a female?

it's ok user ignore him he's just mad his dad isnt using him as a cumdump today

just quit this shit, I couldn't handle it anymore 2 months ago
50% out of 1m sold for 17800
500k secured
then sold more sold for 10800 which was 250k

1.7m at ath
now 750k secured 250k still in and I hate it
currently at 1m all together.. could have been worse


thank you fren

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come with us join the shorting party at bitmex

can i join the dark side as well
bitcoin has betrayed me

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with what money

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>currently at 1 million all together

i have been eating oatmeal 3x a day for weeks

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Yep back to 2k time

thanks for the great screencap.

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im glad my life is a joke to others

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Thanks for the laughs oatmealbro, I'm legitimately in tears.

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THATS FUCKING IT!!!!!!!!! I HAD IT!!!!!!!!!

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had it with what?

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You are not alone, living the pajeet life in a first world country takes it toll.

oatmeal, apparently

Even if it looks like it will rally, take it from pic related. It will all go to zero.

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We are all gonna make it, brother

I would advise you to tether up until we get a recover to stable 8200 or a retrace to 7500.

Dont fuck with BitMEX or you'll definitely anhero.

Hodling is not a good strategy either. Hodling times are over.

It's swing or be swinged.

I trust you user.

tfw when on Bitmex

shorted the bottom

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Stupid BitMexican. It double bottomed too, so close your position if you haven't already.

Dude. Chill the fuck out. Last dip before moon is 6.8k. Look at the 1 day chart on GDAX and think farther ahead than a fucking week.

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but really though, chill out you sad cunt we're all gonna make it whether you want to or not

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