Why can't REQ attract quality FUD/shilling? It's mostly autism and pajeet tier babbling

Why can't REQ attract quality FUD/shilling? It's mostly autism and pajeet tier babbling.

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Why is Req even relevant?

I can make something similar in a week...

Do it, then.

Because it's a joke.
>pls adopt our "pay with request" button, sirs

Then do it you lazy fucking faggot. Fucking do it. You can't and you won't. Prove me wrong.

Because it aims to solve a major problem that will indirectly benefit whatever dumber-than-shit turd of a coin the FUDer is holding. Adoption.

I'm working on something else.

She'll get upset when guys won't be wanting that one thing from her in 5 years

I guess I’m just not sure why this token should ever be valued at more than a dollar given what’s laid out in the white paper

A dropship store hosted on GoDaddy maybe, Ranjeet?

See this is what I'm talking about. 3 IQ posts. It's not even funny. Go back to Stacy posting, at least those were original and kinda interesting.

No. A smart contract based service.

I'm just here to share my knowledge, Req is a novelty service. Nobody cares.

>Req is a novelty service. Nobody cares
Do you watch Rick & Morty by any chance?


Oh good old story of the ego telling you you can and your body failing at delivering

My body is not.

I worked on countless projects, some of them with some small success, others with no success.

I deliver hard work but not success, I have 12 years of experience as a developer.

Req is a really small project, and with no useful use case.

How is it important to send to people a request of payment?

>I deliver hard work but not success, I have 12 years of experience as a developer
You must suck, hard. Hand off those dubs please.

I'm actually not, this is why I'm working with a high paying startup.

Also I work on my personal projects alone, have no connections, and in a 3rd world country with a no startup scene.

This. I'm a Senior stack office C++ back-end developer with 20 years of cumulative experience under my belt and I could make a platform like this in 1-2 weeks.

You need to realize that most people on Veeky Forums are literal children.

REQ and LINK are some of the most popular and held coins. Of course they are going to attract those children that try to make "jokes" in all kinds of ways.

Just ignore them. When a post is of sufficient quality you'll notice it.

>I-i could be a millionaire if I wanted to
Let me guess, you read the project's name and assumed it's scope is merely requesting payments.

That's because Stacey posts are all from REQ holders who think it's funny.
>t. REQ holder

I tried it.


I can't take brainlet seriously, I'm sorry.

LINK has unironically attracted all the best meme talent and ideas to their community. I hear they pay better

can confirm

“Stace! What’s up girlfriend, long time no see! Let’s go get some coffee!”
>”Uh, you go girl, you’re looking so good! What have you been up to since I last saw you?”
“Well, I’ve been with thirty seven men, and aborted four fetuses, also, Stace, have you ever been with a dog?”
>”Well, actua-“
“Woah, Stace! That coffee shop has a “Pay With Request” sign on their window, let’s go to that one!”
>”Oh my God, isn’t that the creepy as shit app that uses that gay little “blockchain” LOL. I cringe so fucking hard just saying that word, it’s so fucking weird and outside of the bounds of normal discussion, I just fucking hate it and anyone that uses it. Let’s try their coffee Brittany”
>”Hi, we saw the pay with Request sign, we’d like to use that to pay. We’ll have two Slurp Juices!”
“Woah, Stace, holy shit. LOL. You’ll NEVER fucking believe what the Virgin designers of the app make you do now. LMAO.”
>”Oh my God, I’m about to throw up, I need to go to the bathroom, the image of the neckbeards that made this app jerking off to our passport pictures makes me want to fucking puke.”
“I’m drier than the fucking Sahara when looking at this app, let’s report this coffee shop to the FDA and never come back Stace! And let’s only use Venmo from now on!”

Is that you Sanjuk? How's your sister doing? Send her my regards.

Still sounds like you have no idea what the dapp does.

Do you even know who PwC is? Have you ever heard of "The Big 4" accounting firms?

If you really are working on a dapp of your own I think that's really cool. But you must lack higher-order planning skills or judgement...because if you could really code up REQ in a week (lol) and make the connections they are, then you would realize that REQ (or your plagiarized version or whatever) is far, far, far more likely to make you money than whatever you're working on