I bought BTC at 3k last year. Am now starting to panic. Help me anons

I bought BTC at 3k last year. Am now starting to panic. Help me anons.

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get out now
take your profits
take a nice vacation

better now than never


If you can't handle it, tether up.

if you've been in this for that long and you haven't learned the game enough to have made some money and not "panic" then you're either lying or stupid

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The party is over my friend. Smart money has been quietly grabbing their coats and heading to the door for a while now.

If I still hold, I can have a chance of getting rich. If I sell, then the chance will be none.

>not selling at $20k
>thinking about selling at $8k
If you had iron hands during good times, you must have iron hands during bad times, my friendo

If you sell now you can rebuy later when it's cheaper and have a much greater chance of getting rich.

>bought at 3k
>didn't dump at 19k
The proverbial child with his hand in the cookie jar.

I bought at $300 and I'm chilling

you panic too late

we already went from 20k up to 6k, and you lost you chance to sell.... no idea how long bitcoin will bounce between 8k-6k until it finally recovers, but selling now is a terrible decision, btc lost 70% of it´s value already, this is the bottom

Take profit

Also set aside fiat for taxes

>until it finally recovers
The market is suffering from severe over-inflation
You are seeing the recovery you delusional fuckstick

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You couldn't chill an ice cube in a freezer


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heckin strange

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To be fair, your pic makes it look like we're near the bottom.

So sell half?

That's because we are

You already blew it. May as well just hold on, now.

Nice LARP.

Please tell me you took some profits around 20k and you didn't fall for the hodl meme OP

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