Lack of LINK threads

Anyone else noticed that amount of LINK threads was severely reduced after yesterday's FUD?

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Fuck off faggot we all already own link and know we’re gonna be rich
Gtfo now

who cares? Veeky Forums has no influence over this crypto market.

The dream is over, we all took to our sences and realized it was nothing more than a elaborate meme scam going nowhere.
Sold at a profit, dumped my bags at some late-linker biztard.


REQ and LINKies are bros and are commemorating REQ's victory today

wasnt even FUD, what FUD are you talking about?
you mean the code review thing?
did the guy actually say their major competitors were all shit because muhh centrilized oracle?
also he spoke about some httm headers missing in a library function, srsly?

also he said the code is concentrated on Ethereum blockchain, wich si not an FUD since the team has already said, they will first release their first version on ethereum, and them move on to other blockchain projects.

but he also admitted that the code was top notch, so who cares; show me another project that isnt an ETH fork with renamed variables?
expect mainnet Q2 2018 high probability of it being in may-june.

Nobody seems to understand this

>yesterday's FUD
You realize that the only people posting LINK FUD are linkies right?

he does not

There's no point in shilling anymore.
First SWIFT FUD then code review FUD the same afternoon. And they're absolutely true.
I'm not saying it's a scam but there's no reason for me to hold LINK when nothing will happen before 2020.
SWIFT thing is unlikely to ever happen, code will be improved but it'll take a long time.

This, that PwC is good for both of us.

Main they are a pain in the ass, I actually finished accumulating, cannot put more cash into this, but dude, they hold thousands of linkies, and they still fud the shit ou of it, fucking poor fags srsly, low ranked marines they always ruin everything

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no, false, rory said the swift FUD did not concern Chainlink, it was related to another NOSTRO POC.

chainlink POC was not related to nostro

So May-June we drop ?
>Good thing we are now ATL !

Just sold all my LINKs because the code is very primitive and lacking many important functions. If the team did this in 6 months, then it will be many months until a working Chainlink is developed.

POC as in
>People Of Color
>Piece Of Crap
Equally bad imo.

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I know but the article was about DLT in general.
If DLT is not yet ready for that one use case, why would it be ready for some other use case?

SWIFT fud isn’t even fud.

the article itself distorts the information to somehow conclude this is a dead end. The only true facts in his article is that the nostro POC is over (something we already knew) and that adopting global infastructure for DLT will take time (obviously).

Let's poke around the actual report from SWIFT:

>“The PoC went extremely well, proving the fantastic progress that has been made with DLT and the Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 in particular”, said Damien Vanderveken, Head of Research and Development at SWIFT.

>It is a strategic priority for SWIFT to work with new technologies like DLT and incorporate them into key solutions like gpi”, said Stephen Gilderdale, Chief Platform Officer, SWIFT.

>“We are already working on new PoCs and will continue our R&D efforts to ensure that SWIFT customers will be able to leverage their existing SWIFT infrastructure and connectivity to benefit from blockchain services, whether offered by SWIFT or by third parties, on a secure and trusted platform.”

sergey said it, smartcontract is the new Saas, it took 10 years for saas to be mainstream, the big boys will convert but slowly.
meanwhile the small fry companies will jump on it on sight, so this doesnt bother me

Because the bond payment PoC was a success.

You don't know the meaning of "lack of" .. Pajeet

Yes I read the original article not the boomer one.
And you're just confirming what I said (it will take some time - 2020+ if ever).
Who knows what kind of tech will they have available in 2 years. They just might skip Chainlink altogether.

Nostro was also a success, doesn't mean that it's feasible for short term adoption.

>just wait a decade

I just want a date for the next milestone. We're either getting beta on Ropsten when the pivotal tracker is completed on April 8th or a new batch of shit to blue ball linkies for another 6 months.

Sergey is playing the long game here, I think he is stringing us along so the newfags drop their bags and only the real believers make it. It's been harder than he thought it would be to make you faggots sell though.

2020 is just around the corner, close but no cigar

>uccess, doesn't m
wtf you think the value of link is LINKED (kek) to big players buying into it?
didn't REQ just get a partnership with PWC?
REQ will use chainlink...
also small innovative players can also make the price moon, this has no correlation whatsoever, if link replaces Saas then u'll see link value in the 10000$ - 20000$ range rather than 100$, right now us stinkies will be happy just with 50 - 300$ value

He dgaf about biz lol. I’ve 70036 LINK, putting me right at wallet 550. Planning on getting in top 500 EOM.

I’d imagine wel be holding for years but idm, I can chill

I guarantee you he does. :^)
>Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is LINK FUD Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

Can someone link the thread(s) being referred to? Or at least summarize the new FUD?

Well yeah kinda, big corporate players that bring a lot of volume to the table will make it moon (not from buying into it, but just by being a part of the network), not some shitty dapps (not attacking REQ) that are not even out yet and that have questionable future.

I just want link to hit $2-3 so I can be confident and comfy with my investment again.

I only have 15k linkies, but I'm a dead end minimum wagie so even a $10 link would change my life. I was only ever shooting for 10k, then 15k, and now it looks like Sergey is going to give me enough time to get 20k+ links. Kind of want to get priced out of buying more link because I can't stop.

im not a nigga, im a linky! PAY ME

Accumulate before they hire a marketing guy

i thought they already did? that's why they asked for the review, wasnt it a marketing stunt?

Link valuation = xrp valuation

Let that sink in

also now they have official youtube, official reddit and they said they might update the website soon

It says in the article that Rory was the one that asked him to do the review, which means they don't have a marketing guy yet. Hoping when they do they will be more competent at it than he is.

alright wll see, but man it feels so exciting to hold link, I mean anyone have been holding a coing and got excitment like this?

>Conclusion: It’s very nice code, but it shows a lack of production experience, they are very far from achieving their whitepaper goals, for now they are a standalone application that can listen to Ethereum only events and do very basic HTTP requests. They have an incredibly long road still ahead of them to finish their concept.


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just bought 10 LINK

Link below $1 is a steal bruh

>everyone with a brain holding until 2020
>even though it's a long term hold, it's still delivering everything on time if not ahead of schedule with consistent updates daily
>still years ahead of everything trying to do what it does
>copy cat projects popping up every other week because everyone knows this is one of the most promising things in crypto
Damn dude sorry for tricking you like that.


Who's the marketing guy? Rory is not

When Larping goes wrong

Ethereum still have not delivered the product they pitch fully

>Who's the marketing guy
For reals if this market guy is any good he probably has the worst case of blue balls ever with this whole "we won't announce anything ever, we'll leave it at out partners' discretion"

Anyone who thinks the recent DLT article is in anyway applicable to what chainlink did is an idiot. Chainlinks PoC with swift was quite simple and only replaces one part of an existing process. it's a cheap and easy way to save them some money, nothing more, nothing less.

>it will take some time - 2020+ if ever
2 years is too long to become a millionaire?
>They just might skip Chainlink altogether
And use what? By your logic, tech that will come out (ChainLink years)+2 years?

This is why you're poor, ranjeet.

agreed, buying as much as i can untill 3$.

I don’t know if you’re right there or not. The code review said that LINK was pretty intertwined with Ethereum, which to me makes sense because they’re the biggest player in smart contracts at the moment. There are some major hurdles to main net still but I think they could deliver by the end of the year. While block chain agnosticism is the ultimate goal I think at this point most feasible work will be done on Ethereum

I go back to what AB stated, this is b2b process and they are working to service SWIFT, could care less about Veeky Forums investors. Code audit probably done to satisfy SWIFT and others they are working with to determine if they are hitting progress targets. If u see the high dollar wallets start to decline then u will know the future is concerning, if they continue to grow while all this negative is tossed about that is very favorable for the linkmarines.

Hurf durf, price won't rise until 2020

That's what they said when LINK was 15 cents. Kys

MSc in crypto economics and mathematics here. Accumulating.

I haven't read the code article, but one thing I don't get is this. Sergey has literary millions$$$ in his pocket. Why (I'm not saying this isn't the case already) doesn't he just hire the best of the best coder on the planet? What's stopping him?

You're retarded

>tfw $1000 EOY turned into "will rise in 2020"

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fuck your mother.

Pretty much. I just follow the whales desu. Easiest play to do.

>he probably has the worst case of blue balls ever with this whole "we won't announce anything ever, we'll leave it at out partners' discretion"
this just shows how professional the chainlink project is. plus sergey has class to treat his partners liek that too.

wow, insulting his mom? damn u sick lad.

>this just shows how professional the chainlink project is. plus sergey has class to treat his partners liek that too.

You reek of reddit.

Now that LINK is dead, where are you guys putting your money?

Yes, calling me retarded for asking a question politely. And I'm the sick guy? GTFO you are mental.

>You reek of reddit.
thank you, sir. here, have a hypothetical upvote.

whats with that reddit spacing big guy

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dunno if you've realized yet but the bubble is bursting. why would i buy and hold something that'll be ready in 2025 for even the ico price when i can get it for a fraction of a penny once the market bottoms out?

You obvs weren't here when that shitcoin did a x3 because of dubs

bearish af.

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>Anyone else noticed that amount of threads was severely reduced after the weekend ended?

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>did a x3 because of dubs

you'd think the last 3 months with all the coins talked about here would be enough proof that Veeky Forums has NO influence over this market. yet here you are, basing your market history on a bunch of kids on an anime titties site.

>that one time we got dubs and hundreds of thousands of dollars flew into LINK because of us


Remember that time when Veeky Forums emptied binances entire hot wallet of LINK? No? Fuck off then

yes because SWIFT cares about some random unaccredited reviewer from Medium
god, you guys are absolutely delusional

>march 2018
>they still think chainlink has anything to do with SWIFT

Brainlet or Linkie or both?

No, it isnt. $1 puts it at a billion dollar valuation, which is a high valuation for a project with as many ifs as this has. And dont give me that circulating supply nonsense. The rest of the tokens arent locked, they could be dumped right now, theyre part of the cap.

How does it feel to be this dumb?

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it's not the devastating code review OP. I swear ...

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Thats because im at work getting ready to come home and SHAME non-linkers

>token swops
Opinion discarded.

In Link

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>no info on tokenomics
>no info on the progress of the contracts (the most important part)
>no solid info on users ready to use the network
>no answer to how many people are working full time on the project
>no ETA on when the main net will go live, let alone the core adapters for chains other than ethereum
>ripped to shreds by a code reviewer with no answers from anyone but the community manager (not even the technical communtity manager) and some random guy (jonny) who has a financial interest in the network being successful and now seeing that the whole thing is in question is having a crowdsale to get some eth and bounce.

Not even attacking the fundamentals or anything, just can't see the logic in not getting answers to questions which are all answerable. It's not breaking any of the "NDAs" or anything like that.

Just market sold all of mine. I recommend you do the same if you know what's good for you.

>users ready to run nodes
LinkPool is shilling on twitter looking for people to join their network. Said they need link in the "high three figures" to join.

It would be interesting to see the daily traffic on biz to get a feeling of how many people lurk

>high three figures

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You're misinformed. They have "closed the list for beta sign ups". What you are referring to is their response to a tweet they received.

Johnny is well aware of the technical potential as well as the limitations of LINK. Ideas are one thing, and their execution is another. It makes sense desu, he's put in work to linkpool so far, he probabaly feels he deserves compensation for it, and is doing that through an ICO that will be capped at 200k. He has the trust of all the redditors on LINK traders anyway. He'll keep the "developement updates" low, and when people complain, he will say something like so as to align themselves with the same business ethic and moral of ChainLInk