Anyone else swing trading to increase their stack? Working pretty well for me. Not huge returns, but risking my stack to increase it by 1-2% every day. Pretty easy if all you do is watch link 24/7. How are my marines holding up?

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feeling bad

The latest FUD got the best of me. I sold my bags at a profit and reinvested into BNB.

that will slowly consume your soul

I either did really good or really bad. Pretty much all in LINK 152K.

good decision
link is dead

The latest FUD is unironically bullshit, user.

Yeah me too, was pretty deep in tho had to move 100k from my ledger to binance

so you sold at a loss and incurred an even greater loss. oh biz never change

lmfao, this

People need to stop moving their shit around like morons. We’ll get so many pink wojacks when link explodes...

in theory this sounds great but in practice it never works for me, so I’m all in and holding

>"please don't dump anymore link user's, I'm out of fiat to buy your dumps and every time you dump the price continues going down ;_;"

I tried this and fucked up lol, price went up before I could buy back in. Now I'm jist tethered waiting to see how low we can go, looks like we're in order to retest 7.2k, amd depending on how that goes, ~6k possibly. Salivating thinking of 25 cent link

LINK is dead.


Why these niggers doing the crowdsale? They hold all the leverage because there will forever be enough people without the knowledge to run a node themselves so they'll have as much link to run as many nodes as they can possibly handle, why give up a portion of all future profits? Bearish af to be honest.

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decentralization brainlet

Really? Was it the code review? Did you read any of the team responses?

I did that a week ago when it went down to 30 cent for like 4 hours. Not a good decision in hindsight

EXactly user. Moved from 69750 to 70321 today. I was the one flashing that 60k wall lol. Put it on top of that 84k wall to push it a 145k wall. Worked and my orders filled at 4500.

I'd imagine it was a combo of that and the fake SWIFT nostro/ LINK failure, even though LINK PoC was focused on bond payments.

I have one article of good fud here, but I'm holding off a bit as volume is increasing so I'm done trading for today.

it's fucking over. sold everything

LMAO the project has not even started yet, and CL responded, all fud got destroyed.

Wtf is this user !!!???
Shit can't be that bad !!!
Is it really that bad !!??
Wtfuuuuuck !!!

Is it new? I need 500 more to hit my target but wont bother unless a serious discount

You sound poor.

one of them said on reddit that they still work fulltime and want the capital to be able to leave to work on it full time while contributing a lot more to CL and adaptors.

Yeah. Hasnt been used before. Its very recent its from an academic paper & has a big name to it. No one else would bother trying to summarise if unless they wanted to fud LINK. SInce majority of us are LINK hodlers anyway, I can hold off for now. Just trying to word it right so I can pop it on the subreddit first.

500 is a stones throw to reach, you'll make that easy enough with one or two small swing trades.

I'd imainge they'll call for a 350 ETH max crowdsale.

Hey if you feel like dropping a fud bomb sometime soon that would be great, I'm looking for a nice sale so I can get back in. Had a 70k stack but I'd like 80+ if possible

the artile wasnt even fud. actually said that the project has good code so far, but they need more time to get to where they need to go. basically just what we already knew...

A savage promotion for a savage Marine. Congratulations Sir.

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Yeah I'm prob gonna hold off till the pivotal completion. Prob try to get both "checklsit complete and no pump" + this new FUD.

I wonder how smart that is. Quitting your job to work on an open source project for free. The tokenomics haven't even been released yet... I guess they win either way if it takes off, as Jonny seems to think the bulk of the money they make will be consulting with the systems users and wanne-be node operators, not fees from nodes.

although why exactly can't sergey prioritize making progress faster so linkpool doesn't feel the need to crowdfund themselves to develop for them for free.

There is a new anti-fud copy pasta circulating regarding recently published articles.

That being said, some of that FUD is real and not bullshit. DYOR. Also spend a few hours conparing oracles on thr market and accept that at this point, there doesn't appear to be any rational demand for an oracle network that is "decentralized". Many of you are deeply emotionally invested in chainlink, even in spite of all the recent dumps we have been through, and we are dumping again.

The increase of large wallets is sort of good news? I guess? But this project is basically just a bunch of adaptors bundled together being built on a system that hasn't been proven to work yet. If you think this FUD is bad wait until mainnet is up and we actually start seeing the limitations and intrinsic issues within the software.

95% of alts will become worthless. Good luck anons.

ZeppelinOS, the most widely used framework for smart contracts, sees the value of decentralized oracles, and guess what, if you don't you can always select one randomly chosen oracle that's just as robust as oraclize. Chainlink gives you an option, oraclize cannot.

In any case it's important to note what was doing before they started working on Chainlink. Building a front end and consulting with clients to start using smart contracts and "smart oracles." This is what SWIFT was PoCing. Sergey sure as fuck didn't drop SWIFT (who they had been associated with since 2015) so he could develop an oracle network that there was no demand for. Not having a decentralized oracle network was one of, if not the, biggest roadblocks to companies getting on board. They realized they needed a 100% secure oracle solution, which is why they shifted focus to chainlink. There's real fud, but to say there's no demand for what they are making is completely uninformed.

We're not doing too hot over here, sir.
Hodling down the fort and making the best of it until reinforcements arrive.

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Yeah, but the bull of Tennesse just signed off on verifying the legal authority smart contracts have over conducted electronic transactions. So its a good outlook for SC in general.

The good fud I think isn't the technicals, ut rather focusing on the point you touched on; the neccessity of "decentralized oracles". Sergey stomps this a few times, so I'm gonna have to formulate a decent way to spin it.

i dont risk my linkies.

Brigadier General reporting in.

Its a bloodbath out there.

I can't tell if this means they already have code for the reputation / validation system or not

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True dat

One bad trade and then you realise you've been going 24/7 all for nothing
You'd better stop now.
I know, how you feel now, but I also know, that you will feel bad if you continue

Lieutenant Colonel here. We've seen worse. Besides, I've done my research and believe in the project. All I do now is wait and stake

all we can hope is that it's in a private repository. I don't believe there is any evidence of it in pivotaltracker. So far they've been loathe to discuss anything related to this or tokenomics.

made my gains and got out. not fucking trusting these autists on Veeky Forums who bought during the ico, they have every reason to hype some stupid long-term number to keep us holding bags while they dump theirs long before.
fuck that scam shit.
im sure link is okay for like 5 bucks in 2020, but i dont trust these anons not to fuck me over long before then
Here is ari jules' rebuttal
He says neither http nor https are valid for smart contracts because the data signatures are not verifiable. I would think that link would be getting their data via http/https though so I am still a bit confused.

I just hope Zepplin and other partners start paying some lip service soon because chainlink network is going to take time, and spamming any article related to decentralization/smart contracts and proclaiming it as a bullish signal regarding link despite no mention of link itself is really fucking annoying and looks bad for us.

Then again, off bitcoin is still tanking alts for the rest of the year then it won't matter much what Link is doing, we'll stay sideways for the foreseeable future.

What, what? Literally posted this as I was typing how retarded this shit is. The article is a year old and doesn't mention chainlink.

I have no doubt zeppelin is well aware of the ETA for the main net and when they can actually implement it, so I doubt that's in any danger. I doubt anything else zeppelin says will do anything for the price, considering the original announcement didn't and it's not exactly clear to the general public how meaningful it is.

nice digits. Im a little annoyed now I didnt wait for BTC to fall more before my last buy, will likely see 30 or 20 cent before the eth testnet. I just felt there is a risk now of a btc pump interacting with a surprise testnet launch to plateau it up around 50 or 60 cent going forward

it saved him from this drop
are you still holding it user?

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Fall In!!!!

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Guys, I have a 100k linkies. Am I gonna make it in 2020?

ok as long as it's "really fucking annoying" to post links explaining the need for decentralized oracles, I won't burn your eyes out with relevant information.

I said I swing trade. I've been tethered since last night.

If you can't see how fucking dubious it is to relate buzzword articles to having any meaningful relation to the value of chainlink in the next 24 months then go ahead and have fun living in a fantasy world while your tokens gets dumped abd ignored.

first off, chill. You sound very emotional at the moment, this board is for level headed autistic discussion. Link is going to be ignored until there is evidence of usage. The team surely won't be announcing anything, as usual. Then the only green dildos will be from people poking around on github, and the redditors that catch on. 1 year is the likely time frame for a big jump. Feel free to swingtrade shitcoins until then.

this is clearly another bear trap, just keep accumulating

damn you and your rich fag bags
yes i think youll hit 10M
why not drop 20K for some REQ?

sold 25% of my link stack for REQ 3 hours ago
now I'm
50% LINK
40% REQ
10% XMR

>idiots legitimately buying high and selling low
If you don't believe in chainlink 100%, why the fuck would you buy it in the first place knowing it's a long term hold? Are you people actually retarded?

Im still here

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Good to see you again Captain.

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