COSS general

>$0.228984 USD (-8.90%)
>24 hour coin volume: $996,741 USD
>24 hour exchange volume: $2,605,610 USD

The (likely LARPing) COSS whales and COSS pros were saying this would tank after the 25th to allow accumulation before the major release before skyrocketing to $5.

Well, it is certainly tanking. inb4 "Binance destroyed the potential of COSS exchange," inb4 "have u herd of CoinMetro dood?"

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Exchange volume is going up.

Love this ico, use and you'll get +2.5%

yeah they are adding more wash trading bots on a daily basis, no one trades on that shit, i repeat, not a single real person do his / her trades on coss, its the worst exchange available right now

Except for, you know, the whales who do. 0.04% fees are a good enough reason to use the platform if you're a whale.

It's impossible to use bots on COSS and wash trading is verboten on the exchange.

There is no public API for bots.

I'd be fine with it regardless since that would mean more dividend split money for me.

I love how I bought around 5,000 of these around $0.14 and lost the chance to sell at $3. And then bought 5,000 more around $0.48 cents. And now I'm overall at a loss.

Fuck crypto. Please let this hit $3 again. Please.

It tanks every monday after the snapshot

Ah, right. The snapshot. And I forgot they're sending out the fee splits earlier.

>Your COSS balance for this weeks Token-based Fee Split allocation was 10282.307021570000000000 COSS at estimated fee split USD value 0.0000727918433945197.

>Total value of your fee split allocation this week was 0.748468082448493735 USD.

>adding more wash trading bots on a daily basis
>no API
>t. brainlet


cosswhale was saying the whole time that there will be news which will pump the price. one idiot from the telegram channel - most likely the faggot op- started to say it will dump.
anyways, cosswhale was full of shit the whole time -like I was saying the whole time- the other nigger from telegram was obviously also full of shit

where are you cosswhale now? have you eaten that dick already?

Pump postphoned to the 1st of May

u wot m8

I just bought 6k of this shit..
Better go to $1 asap

Anyway this is probably going to be an alright buy

Lol. Holy shit dude, don't spend it all at once.

If it makes you feel better, I imagine that he is losing a lot of money.

coss is the best buy in crypto right now.

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this is the single most obvious buy of my entire life
if COSS even does 1/10th of KuCoin, or 1/100th of binance, its $3

It's funny, isn't it? The FUD almost got to me, but it's such a blindly obvious good buy. I'm legit going to be a millionaire from this.

I know right, the only real threat is delays, but that's a blessing in disguise during this crash.
When fiat & ui come online a month late.. end of april probably there is no way this doesn't end up at at least $1

True, just let them talk their FUD while we fill these bags
If it succeeds it's going to match Kucoin 100%

The UI is terrible.

It's at $0.21 now.

The LARPers were right. Someone here yesterday told me to market sell all of my COSS immediately. Why didn't I listen? I'm holding 10,282 COSS that I bought at an average of $0.33.

Should I still my 2k LINK at a loss and buy COSS with it now or wait?

Link isn't doing anything for a while..
Coss should have a good April

Please COSS fags
tell me why this will pump when the platform is trash and can't even handle meagre volume.
It's finished.

I sold everything when it passed $2. I feel sorry for anyone still holding.

Now to get the nerve to pull the trigger and say goodbye to all my LINK once and for all. I should set a market order a little higher than the price is right now...

The platform is trash because it's in fucking beta mode. We're looking at a pump when the FIAT pairing is available and it comes out of beta after a complete overhaul of the platform. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

Because they only need 10million in volume for this to be a fucking great investment.
Even Bitgrail easily surpassed 10mil...

right, so why wouldn't coinmetro, a platform that'll launch in two weeks run by pigFX team, not smash this into the ground? Why would anyone choose an untested platform, that's repeatedly missed deadlines and fucked up the dividend tech, run by inexperienced team? What's the attraction?
It's not normie friendly or a normie gateway, and though deep into alts won't touch it or need it.

Disclaimer: I don't hold coinmetro either, because the ICO token metrics are trash.

because it had XRB, during the biggest bullrun ever. You guys have HGT and fuck all else.

because coinmetro profit is completely different than coss profit
with coinmetro, you only earn money through token price appreciation. if coinmetro goes up, you make money.if it goes down, you lose money. thats it.
with coss, even during a bear market you are earning money every week, let alone during a bull market when you earn money in multiple different ways (token value appreciation, dividends, dividend value appreciation)

Once COSS is up and running as a legit exchange with fiat & new UI you are correct in assuming it will be nothing special.. Especially when compared to newer better exchanges like coin metro, legolas or even binance.

What you fail to realize however is that Coss will be listing unique coins not found on other exchanges, this alone will provide some volume. Also COSS will be the first and only exchange to EXCLUSIVELY offer a fiat gateway for Singapore.
Last point, Coss will be worth $1 for every 10mil in daily exchange volume. If you think that COSS cannot hit 10mil with the above factors in mind you are a mentally limited individual.
The other exchanges listed above will absolutely destroy Coss in volume.. not doubt about that. Keep in mind that this is a different investment and scaled much differently. Above 10mil in daily volume is a huge win whereas the other exchanges mentioned are competing for the top billion plus volume slots.

Do you seriously not see my point?!?! Coss will be aggressively listing new and unheard of tokens once completed.. They are bound to luck out on some popular projects.

No, not for token holders, for people to adopt the platform in general. Most exchange platform users don't hold the native exchange token.

What's their criteria to list tokens? Unheard of token generally means trash, known tokens or popular tokens will get onto high volume exchanges quickly. Those that don't quickly tend to be ERC20s available on DEX exchanges, or mined coins early on in their life.

XRB took ages because it's node implementation is a massive pain in the ass.

For the same reason anyone would ever switch to a new exchange.
It has a token that they want to buy.

I would never use anything but binance if i could, but I cant.
People will come for the new coins, and they will buy COSS because of everything I said in the last post.

New UI is almost done for launch. Will be on par with Binance and Kuckoin

>Unheard of token generally means trash

BNTY is only on KuCoin, less than 50k volume
However, it is also used by over 50% of all crypto projects.
Is it trash? Or does it need exchanges to list it

>What's their criteria to list tokens?
You fill out an application and pay a couple tens of thousands of dollars.

>However, it is also used by over 50% of all crypto projects.
it's trash, it had higher volume on fucking ED 3 months ago than on kucoin. Sold this about 10% below it's ATH.

Good chat though, you've given me shit to think about, sincerely hope COSS suceeds.

And keep in mind COSS succeeding means becoming the 53rd most popular exchange ($10million volume). The bar is set quite low to get a good ROI

Cosslets pray daily for an api hook so that bots can rape their exchange and create fake volume, all so that their worthless shitcoin might moon.

Think about that one for a second.

Why would think about your weird fantasy for any longer than it took to read it

Anyone looking into COSS or new to crypto, stay away from COSS. It's the biggest noob bait coin and the shills are pathetic. They have to be more delusional than ripple and tron holders at this point.

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Or! Are YOU trying to bait people not to buy a sure thing so that you have time to buy more...

If you say anyhting bad about COSS in a coss thread, you'll get back lashed guys. There's multitude of reasons why COSS token is where it is right now, at the bottom. Won't explain but people in this thread are biased and obvious holders of COSS. Go buy obvious solid projects like EOS, ADA etc. that will almost garentee you gains in the future. As a remind, remember people here are toxic unhelpful and bias, only say the good things about their bags.

Should've bought CoinMetro instead, dumbass. Enjoy your heavy bags.

> CoinMetro
Ahhh, ok. It all makes sense now. I was curious about which Pajeet squatters were FUDing COSS.

And anyone dumb enough to sell at the bottom befoe an obvious coming moon mission deserves what follows.

Fiat will be the single greatest pump of our lifetime

in both token price and exchange volume

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>delusional COSStard calling other people Pajeets
Those bags must be getting heavy.

I made a truckload of cash on the previous moonshot, and will dwarf it on the next one. And of course I'll call Coinmetro spammers 'Pajeet'. If you haven't noticed, this is a COSS thread and not a Coinmetro thread. So it's without question that your a FUD accumulator or a paid Coinmetro shill.

pick up your hookah, get on your flying carpet and gtfo out of our thread already, rajeesh.

What's wrong Rashed? The curry is burning your bumhole?

>at the bottom
You say that, but whereas most of the market has fallen back to its October price or lower, COSS is still 2-3x where it was then. It's literally the only thing I bought Q4 2017 that is still green.

All you nogs have are pajeet jokes

Posting 11 times to fud a coin in their own thread
You are why Veeky Forums is shit

new new UI is almost done
they got it this time

I really hope the new UI shows FIAT conversions of coin values on the trading page.

I like that Binance shows an immediate USD conversion of coin values for your order as you type it in.

COSS MUST have that.

How many days until Rune announces that they're pushing fiat back?

>the owners are from singapore
>just another chink scam coin, take for example the vechain with BMW being a partner...
>some shit just happened in kosovo, WW3 is coming
>crypto is funding mega whales to finance WW3
>coss is just another chink coin to makes asia stronger for before and after WW3
>are we going to allow this?

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>use a 0.04% fees (applies only if you trade $6 gorillion of volume) exchange with ZERO liquidity
>use a 0.05% fees exchange with the best liquidity of all
tough choice

Hahahahahahaa no.

The reason nobody is buying Coss is that rune evensen is a scam artist. He offers "virtual shares" in his companies before dropping his bags on poor wishful fucks when his profit is maximized. Hmm... Surely he couldn't be doing the same with Coss..... Who would so such a thing..

This is the BIGGEST risk in crypto. If this the goes x100 I still won't regret buying this moron bait. He has used this same model of scams in the past and only a fool would believe this time will be any different. The best traders minimize risk and this is far from low risk.

Only throw in what you won't miss, assume he'll go MT Gox 2.0 with your cash

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>imagine being this deluded

It's worth mentioning that Mt Gox was the biggest exchange in the world when (someone) ran off with people's money. So to you dense fucks who this he wouldn't possibly do that.... It's been done. Both in crypto and rune's other businesses.

I have yet to see a single thing that makes me believe this isn't a scam like his other companies.

The problem with Coss is that it is litterally too good to be true. You get paid dividends, it's cheap, you make a passive income, they are going to have a billion pairing options with coins. I almost got fomo in at $0.13some months back before I realized it sounds too good. I looked up some of the people online and found of some shit about Coss creator Rune Evensen. Dude pulls these almost Identical scams regularly. Why should I, or anyone for that matter believe otherwise?

>The problem with Coss is that it is litterally too good to be true.

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Also worth mentioning that Coss is based out of Singapore where there are zero laws regarding crypto. He is not from Singapore, if he runs off with your money, there are no laws to stop him or help you.

Rule 52: Never buy into Singaporean projects

Singaporeans are notoriously crooked, this is an elaborate exitscam

>How does a scam work?
>Make people trip over thirty own feet to get in on the opportunity
>Leave before those stupid fucks know what happened to them

The trade volume is not even going up. If they were to take the money, all less than $3 million of it, they would have done it long ago.

Coinbase getting alts and Binance getting Fiat.

>Hur Dur plenty of room for lots of exchanges guys!

"hur dur hur dur I am downs plz help"
STFU up. Your comparison is like comparing wal mart with the local corner store, they do two very different things

Exactly, one is putting the other out of business over and over again.

>Hur dur dur i lyk mispace and googl plus giv me ad plz!
>huhuhuh let go to barns n noble guys, who need amazon!

>Coinbase getting alts
Yes because that's totally confirmed.

> coin base getting alts

Please intrigue us all on where you got that information. oh let me guess you personally know the CEO himself and went on a coffee date with him where he divulged this information to you?

Kill yourself your fucking faggot.


Next time learn to google and DYOR you fucking retard.

And yea GOOGLE it, plenty of room for other search engines though amirite guys?

>implying if you invested in yahoo 10 years ago you would have made the wrong choice

The state of deluded COSS holders

its true though, you could have bought some fucking askjeeves 10 years ago and still made stupid money

You should really quit crypto now actually if you can't Google simple news

You're disregarding the different timescale at which this is occurring. Boom and bust happening much faster, dominance and losers will be established faster too.

Yes, adding ERC20 support can only mean they're planning on adding dozens and dozens of ERC20 alts!

>When his profit is maximized

And you aren't helping your cause if your a Coss holder
>Trade volume is not even going up
>All less than $3 million of it

>tfw bought $2000 worth at $0,17 in december
>could have sold at $3
>Held by pure greediness because I thought it was the new Kucoin


Be patient, it will go even higher next time. Double digits.

Seriously this. Hold that shit.

Last bump from me until after 9 PM CST.