Should I stay or should I go?

Serious question guys. I bought some crypto last autumn:
ltc for 80$
eth for 260$
omg for 10$
xem for 0.2$
waves for 4$
I keep my crypto all the way up and all the way down. Now I realize it was retarded, but It supposed to be long time holding. Now the price dropping down to the point when it becoming really scary. How deep down it can go eventually? Shout I sell while I still mostly in green?

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You should sell user

Hodl. We could rebound any time.

Is hodling alts is a bad idea? If buttcoin stabilized can alts go up like in January?

Do you actually sell all your bags?


If you've held this long, there's no reason to sell now. Clearly you are in this for the long term, and if you've been in since autumn 2017 then you have already endured several months of this dip. If you have made this far, you can go a little further and see if/when it goes back up

Just fear.

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>there's no reason to sell now
I feel like I am not clever enough to survive in the bear market. I don't know where the bottom can be. Can ETH drop to 40$? Why not?!

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75%-90% retracement. You aint seen nutin yet.

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play some games and collect rent

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Don't sell LTC, ETH or Waves unless you want to weep at what you could have had in 4 months.

What changed besides the price?

Market sentiment.

It's cyclical and the usage will drive a bigger bul run than ever seen. Sys launching end of month might trigger it.

OMG looks like a safe bet for long-term hold. I feel like ETH can go down to 300$.
XEM is already dropped hard enough. I doubt it ever goes under 0.1$

I hope so. Sometimes it feels like mastermind scheme for stealing my hard earned money. Fuck! All my life I just want to be NEET without social connections that normy work implies. Crypto is my only chance.

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If you're in solid alts, hodling is a good idea. The problem is that it can be tough to predict which alts are solid and which are not. And anyone who claims otherwise is full of shit. While I am not invested in LTC, ETH, OMG, or WAVES. I think they are solid bets, especially OMG. Not sure about XEM.

OP fell for the HODL meme and that's why he's in this shitty position in the first place.

Just sell dude. HODLers are brainlets.

>OP fell for the HODL meme
So true! Shud I sell now and rebuy later? Sell now or wait for local high?

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Rebuy once the market has been sideways for at least a year.

DO NOT rebuy anytime soon. Prices will continue to go down for several months at least.