Bought back in at 8100

>Bought back in at 8100
The support at 8000 will not break r-right guys ?

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what? the support is at 7.5k

lmao he's right, you dun goofed OP.

You fucked up. You bought against huge momentum downwards. You'll have a chance to sell at 8140, take it so you won't take a loss.

>spending money on fake money
>for any reason
>at any time

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support is clearly at 8k
fuck you

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Sell in the next few minutes while you can while the whales have their walls up...

Nobody knows what’s going to happen. Think long term and hodl the coins with good fundamentals, mainly Bitcoin of course.

Here’s your $1, now leave.

you're going to learn a lesson about catching a falling knife

should really cost average your way down if ur gonna try. buy a little at 8k, a little at 7k, a liottle at 6k, and sell everything at 5k once you realize there is no bottom

triple bottom is a bearish signal bro

Nah support is clearly at 7.2k

Final drip will be to 6.8k
Don't fuck up and be greedy, buy at 7.


If you're not a pro knife catcher you don't trade against momentum and before there's a reversal confirmation. OP clearly isn't one so you can fuck right off.

don't worry 800 will hold

sell again faggot so we can go up

I'm with you OP.

0.2537 BTC @ $8073.12

Volume has returned so I don't think it will go much lower. That said I only used half my cash incase things go wrong.

buttcoin is going to bottom out at 4k by the end of april
screencap this if you want to

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literal unbreakable strong support at 8k

sure sure, 45k soon

Whales run out of steam. Their dips aren't aus powerful as before. Moon imminent

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I like this advice.