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Hey Veeky Forums

What has been the biggest financial blunder in your whole entire life? What is something that looking back makes you cringe just how fucking retarded you were?

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I started buying crpyto 1 month ago.

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Buying any coin that is run by greedy chinks

>neet Veeky Forums community making millions

i trusted a bunch of jews some chinese and a nigger

Had about a grand in XIV when it got instantly liquidated back in January. Happened in after hours too. Always do research...lol

Not selling DBC at the top. Could have made 8k, made £500 instead

Dumped my netflix stocks in december to buy crypto.

had my finger on the trigger to cash out half my ETH stack on January 8th, but I pussied out

Not selling the obvious bubble in December. Retirement amount of money, wiped out in shitcoins

took a 50k loan to start a business
failed it 2 years later


charging only $1 per blowjob, could have gotten $1.25 easy

Getting addicted to prostitutes. I used money like toiletpaper. But hey, young man have urges so fuck it.

So far it would be my 9k car loan. Which hasn’t been bad but I kinda regret not buying a junker or doing like 5k.


1) Not buying BTC in July 2011 as I intended
2) Refusing to buy BTC at any point in the years after cos I decided (fuck it I missed my chance)
3) Only buying 0.2 BTC when I first bought back (for drugs obvs) in Nov 2014
4) Buying several $3k worth of Gold and Silver in August 2016 instead of BTC or ETH or whatever the fuck
5) Not selling my shitcoins on Jan 7th 2018 when they were worth enough to buy a house.

Thank you Anons, I feel a lot better about myself. I needed this.

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what car did you get

I'm kinda happy I got in crypto late January. I'd probably do the same and would be a nerve wreck too, but right now I'm just slowly climbing and learning from my own mistakes.

Got lucky and won about 20k gambling, didn't use it to pay off my debts that were totaling about 10k. Fast forward a year and yeah.. still there. Plus family is struggling too. Ouch!

>just taken out 50k loan to start business

Holy fuck user, this is not what I needed to hear right now. Please tell me it's all going to be alright. Please user, I don't want to be a pink wojak

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bitmex justed my life. I can't believe I lost 1k of my money.

It makes me really fucking mad

Pouring 100 dollars into jewbase, and then transferring it all to binance into BTC missing a ETH moon.

Now jewbase pretty much won't let me get my money back because it "lost" my bank account info and wants to keep making deductions so that it can register my account.

Who knows how many bitcoins I've spent on drugs over the years. If only I would have kept a dozen of them, I wouldn't be a poorfag.

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One of these
>buying multiple houses in 2008
>working on bitcoin projects in 2011 but then leaving months later when i realized the community was too small to actually make any money

If it makes you feel better most of the people who bought BTC sub $100 had probably forgotten about their "investment"

Only a retarded person would have HODL'ed after it hit +2000$

i was at 300k, now at 150k or so + 20k fiat

dont be stupid and you never lose

Not listening to the guys in my telegram chat and going balls deep in shitcoins in Jan-Feb 2017. Missed out on some serious fucking gains

Not shorting bitcoin at the top because I was worried about muh realized gains for taxes

>i just need another 3x and then i'll make it!

going all in on a horrible shitcoin right before the downturn, i was up 16x

was about to tether up too but greed got the best of me. hard pill to swallow but whatever, life goes on

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Letting someone convince me not to sell all my crypto at the peak. Still down 50% from ATH.

Got on the train for a clinical biotech catalyst early on, ran about ~12k of long stock and options up to about 45k as it rose from ~10$ pps to a high of 17.50. Only sold maybe 10% of my options before the results were released because I was mega bullish on the outcome. Results were *ok* and they advance to next phase but market dumped and I sat there staring at my screen like a moron as 30k evaporated. Still long on the company but no longer fixated on massive multiple gains anymore, learned to take profit more consistently.

June of 2016, got my security deposit back from my apartment for $740.
Was about to throw it into BTC since I had no immediate need for it. Got talked out of it, ended up just buying booze and going out and shit

Sounds like what my dad is going through. Got lucky on an investment that went 200% and then sold, then lost about 25% on the next one. Going for those consistent gains not, but I'm sure he is going to get fucked by the market at some point in the next few years, he doesn't really listen and treats it like a game. i don't even give a shit about the money, I just want his mental wellbeing to be intact and I don't think this trading is going to help him. Oh well....

I made $27,000 in basically free money when I created a simple script to do a job I was paid to do over 6 months.

The only thing I bought with it was a new computer which I still use to this day.

Everything else was blown on garbage like fast food and weed over the course of a year.

Bought weed 25 BTC/g

same, except 10k

>sold amazon at $300 per share after doubling my money

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My overall experience with cryptocurrency: I pay big money to watch how bitcoin moving up and down

I bought ~9.5 btc between 2013 and 2015 and didnt start incrementally selling off my stash until 2k, and sold bit by bit all the way to 20k. You just need to have the conviction to hold.

pls no

not selling nano at 37, thinking it can go to $100. infact i doubled down and put 80% of my port into nano at 35 and rode it down to 15.

basically broke even when i bought nano at $3

Going to college and buying 300 of shittokens the first week of jan

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Yeah, buying chink coins is my biggest failure.
None of their projects are legit and they just want to steal your btc... fuck them.

Bought link, ven and xlm at ath.
>tfw -70%

all-in on pic related at $0.60
> buy the dip
> last stop before $1
still holding the bags

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Bought AION all-in at 3900 sats on the wrong side of Teeka's pump. I'd caculated that his picks usually stabilize 30% down from the peak so I thought I was getting in at a great price point. Then it literally dumped down basically to pre pump price less than 5 minutes later. 25% of my stack instantly gone forever.

Stay away from Teeka Pajeeka, anons. He'll fuck you up.

Got two degrees in Architeture and worked 15 years as an architect. Got fired during real estate bust of 2008 and rehired at half the salary and quit because the salary couldn't keep up with cost of living increases and taxes, end up paying out of pocket to keep that job because commute is 4 hours each day.

0.7 BTC worth of DGB at 1800 sats pre Citibank prizes
watched it rise to 2400, then saw they didn't win the award which crashed it into 1700, but I didn't want to lose money (you only lose if you sell bro!) so I clinged to the "July will have new prizes!"

Sold it all at 700 or 400 some months later don't remember, harsh lesson on hype and opportunity cost.
But I bought OmiseGO with it so I managed to bounce back

What kind of business? This is my worst fear

I went all-in(22k) on Ant-Shares in may 2017, and sold 2 days before the rebrand (at sub 10 dollar)

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1) Not scaling up affiliate marketing when it was easy, nd instead using my passive income to take time to hang out and smoke weed and play video games all day

2) not finding out about crypto until august 2017

3) not selling crypto in late december 2017 even though i was at ATH and KNEW the shit was gonna go down. Thought i could make money on the way down. i couldnt. Lost a bunch trying to day trade.

Buying weed

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Oh boy what a retard I am

1) Gambling 1000 usd on slots away after winning 600 on a big spin
2) shorting BCC during the epic bull run due to a fake out (had no sleep or food) and not using a stop loss
3) Not trading after Nov 17th because of this massive burnout from bcc after losing 70% stack and missing the biggest and easiest money I could ever hope to make

Please kill me and my OCD tendencies

Everyone made mistakes this bullrun, wait for the next one, be prepared

Bought a 3k TV I dont use. Bought a 50k car I love, but could have invested a chunk of that instead.

I've also spent about 30k on a video game I'm trying to develop.

I am loving this current bear market desu

Pt cruiser

Whatever it is, I'm expecting this kind of facial animation quality.


Not buying APPL at $16 a share a month before Steve Jobs returned in '96. I had $5k, and put that down on a new car instead.

Yes, I know how much it would be worth now.

Financial ,not crypto.

In 1993 I had purchased a duo of a
1956 190SL for $29,000 and a
1971 Mercedes 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet
For $39,000. Silver ext Maroon int, black top,
Automatic all original in excellent condition.
In 2010 I sold the 1971 MBZ 280se cabriolet for $72,000 to a close friend.
He passed the following year and his son offered to sell it back to me at the same cost multiple times over a 5 year time frame. In 2015 he called me again with a final offer to sell the Benz to me before he actively pursued a sale and studies the market. I’m a greedy man and I know the market had climbed significantly for that car. The value was now around $300k to $350k range. I didn’t have any fiat and he didn’t wanna trade anything.
I sold 2 American Muscle cars and scraped up the funds to buy back my beloved benz that is now worth a small fortune.
I guess karma is always lurking. The car sat for a 5 year period and the motor was neglected.
A piston ring scratched the cylinder and damaged 4 pistons. The 280 is a 1 year edition v8 engine.
No parts are available. I find a fabrication shop in Australia and have new piston and rings created at a cost of $8k. Have the engine block machined $3k. 2 weeks later the car gets stolen , found stripped to the chassis. I only had it insured for $100k. I still cry about this 2 years later.

In 2011 I was tossing up between buying 6k of gold and 6k BTC.
I went with gold.

10x return in 20 years is boomer tier

Ok but you do realise who stole it right

this is me. i went from 200k to 30k. i could have paid off my house and been saving $3k per month in liquid cash. fuck me.

Staking a wigger and a mulatto for mtts. Biggest crypto mistake not throwing 30k into btc in 2015 like I wanted to. Put 9k instead. Next biggest is not selling everything at 19k. After that it's hodling bnty.

MLMs, not even once

This is just bad luck, not anything you did.

>Staking a wigger and a mulatto for mtts.

Honestly holding LINK.

I'm down 50%. I don't a give a shit, but it's still my biggest blunder.

Buying a car

I didn't take a loan but sold a few cars and all my gaming stuff . right there with you . family is stupid. Done trying to make ends meet