/comfy/ nocoiner thread

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What's your main board?
Why do you want crypto to crash and burn?

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We're just some honest neets trying to make a way for ourselves. No need to be a bully.

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When it crashes it will be a great time to learn a valuable friendship lesson.


/comfy/ shortcoiner here, why aren't you capitalizing on this opportunity senpai?

Because I'm an anti-industrialist.

this but unironically.


Because my GTX 970 is getting really fucking obsolete.

/v/ [spoiler]I'm sorry[/spoiler]
I want gpu prices to go down again

As a wagecuck, I enjoy reading about the suffering of user NEETs.

I want crypto to die simply because it's nothing more than waste of resources, waste of electricity, waste of precious and rare earth metals, and contributes nothing other than assist to drug dealing, human trafficking, IRS scamming, etc.. There's no legitimate reason for crypto to exist..

Silly cucks think their inaction is the same as our action.

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Veeky Forumsizen soon to be crypto millionaire. We’re all gonna make it brah.

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Ure so fucking poor u can't afford a 1070 or above at current prices?

All of those things are useful. Bitcoin is not.


And I'm still here wishing to have a dishwasher.

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I could easily buy one, but it would not make sense to buy it when it is overpriced.

This. By pumping the market cryptofags just made a bunch of pedos and drug dealers rich. I would unironically support the death penalty for everybody who has "invested" in crypto. The social and ecological damage they have done is immeasurable.

>What's your main board?
>Why do you want crypto to crash and burn?
because i'm a bitter poorfag who can't stand seeing other people succeed in life

>hah my strawman will totally BTFO everybody

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Fuck bitcoin. IOTA NANO WTC and a few dozen others are all world changing projects with little to no downsides.

But no I guess there's no value because you didn't get in earlier. Might as well miss the boat again.

Because I'm an enlightened anprim m'gentlemen

/a/ /co/ and /tv/
There is nothing more interesting when watching the human condition then observing a sudden change in a person's financial situation.

Full disclosure though. Bought a tiny bit of XRP when it hit .50c a week ago.

For me it let me focus on research and development instead of consulting. Pretty fun, consulting customers are annoying. Got tired of answering 'what did you do for me yesterday' at scrums. Nothing. I did nothing for you yesterday because your ideas are convoluted piles of shit.

Veeky Forums

invest in crypto but also in stocks and retirement accounts..im smart enough to have bought a house in california last year (say what you want but the housing market in California is always going to remain strong and thus real estate is a good investment) and have good employment because im a opportunist and knew right now is the time for getting a good job.

if your entire portfolio is in crypto purely you deserve to lose everything...that would the stupidest move anyone could make with investments

there's so much resources being wasted on internet money that's only used for illegal shit.

How much does a house cost in cali? Hopefully ill someday move there.

Jesus dude lol, im a retarded neet but it sounds like you are trying to justify escaping from your job.

You mind giving an example of a convoluted pile of shit idea?

The fact that it's the common wet dream of
>cyberpunk faggots
Should be enough of a red flag.

>Jews number one nightmare is bad

cute, please be my gf

>Imaginary internet money being peddled on unaccountable exchanges to a bunch of goyim is a Jews worst nightmare
Please tell me this is a joke.

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i'm a comfy trading bot operator who took profits, am i welcome?

There is a huge variation in prices depending on which part of the state.
In Silicon Valley a decent small house can be found if you look hard and act fast right now that is not a complete craphole for around $700k on the low end and up but its going up fast in price. In Los Angeles area you can get a decent sized house in a decent area with good schools from $600-$650k range

However in the cental valley houses are much much less but its not a desirable area. You can also live in beautiful areas such as lake tahoe and yosemite for much cheaper as well but the jobs pay very little and there arent many.