Tfw have a real job

>tfw have a real job
>tfw my life isn't dominated by chance

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What the fuck are you even talking about fucking weirdo

I like my job, except when I need to put up with fucking retarded pajeets that don't know shit about computers even though he's been working for over a year

>Have a good job that pays well
>Crypto is just a form of investment to put a bit of money in for long term gains
>NEETs and wagecucks here freak out about daily dips because they've bet everything in on a fringe commodity with no current purpose

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>Tfw work a job paid for by tax payers like you
>Tfw make more doing crypto trading than I do at work

>they think that they can not be fired tomorrow

That is the spirit, just leech the stupid, TWICE!

You’re right it’s only dominated by your boss.

>tfw I work for myself
>tfw a jew doesnt set my salary

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>Tfw make more doing crypto trading than I do at work
but you've lost money over the last 3 months tho

What do you do? Is it hard to learn what you doing? How much money you needed to start what you doing?

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I work on major fiat crypto exchange lol.

While losing money on this downtrend, i don't even know if I'll have a job in a year.

>digital arbitrage
>not at all
>you need maybe $50 max


also dropshipping, digital marketing, and clickfunnels
and i have a meme page

b-but i'm a boy and don't wear skirts, mister

>not wanting his life determined by chance
>not wanting to be like the awesome criminal supermind from the batman series called two-face

Good luck with being not as awesome as Harvey dent. Hahahahaha I would kym right now.

Just because markets are down doesn't mean you're not making money. Just ask George Soros

Never been fired because I'm not some virgin loser who can't put effort into anything.

>>digital arbitrage
Sounds cool
>>not at all
>>you need maybe $50 max

At least pinpoint me somewhere. How did you found your first client?
Also how much money in month it gives you?

>also dropshipping, digital marketing, and clickfunnels
Cool, how much you are making on those.

Red pill me on dropshipping, what if American returning me "product", but I connected him with China?
>and i have a meme page
Does it bring moneys?

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I'm just saying you, specifically, have lost money. Yet you're pretending it's still December 2017. Sad.

>He thinks you can't find another job after being fired


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>trustfunder with rich lawyer parents
>invested in bitcoin 2011
how mad are all of you?

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>tfw you have healthcare and many poorfags and losers dont

you pay taxes as well my man (unless your job pays shit)

tfw resource gathering jobs aren't mutually exclusive with investing.

Okay so I'm 19 to start with, I started my business when I was 17. My dad is a local radio host and I coldcalled all of his clients and used his name as a foot in the door. For that, one of the services that I offered was social media management and I offered them a free month of work for every paying client they refer to me.

When that dried up, I went on google maps and called every business with a shitty social media presence within fifteen minutes of my house. I now have 22 clients on retainer for social media management, which I hire out the work for to third worlders to do it for me, so I can focus on client relations and acquisition.

It's not great money, but it pays my tuition and bills

>pic related
If you weren't LARPing, that is

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It could be worse
We know you're still on Veeky Forums

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literally not at all

I live like you and around people like you and it's fine

>invested in bitcoin in 2011
all you need to say

Thanks for the answer.