What did he mean by this?

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Companies are attempting to centralize blockchain tech in jurisdictions that have promised to not regulate, likely contingent on the wealth that these companies could bring with them.

Binance moving is a logical conclusion to all these talks of regulation by the Chinese/SK/USA.

Tron has 1.2% of crypto market cap, all controlled by few individuals.



Silicon valley is fucked malta is the new high tech place

Thanks user...smart move by Malta, then.

It is since decades if you look at the financial / trading market

Silicon Valley is losing on two fronts:

Firstly, they are dirsupting industries that pose ethical dilemas for Governments who simultaneously must be for open markets/capitalism, but also want to protect the very large percentage of the population that loses enormous wealth as San Francisco develops tech that puts them out of business (Uber, AirBnB...).

Crypto is a threat to those that do not wish to see re-distribution of wealth. As the old saying goes, "feed the classes, eat with the masses. Feed the masses, eat with the classes".

There is no central authority taking our money, simply individuals controlling assets that can, in many ways, replace fiat.

Malta is not the richest country in the world, and would benefit from wealth transfering.

Justin is a faggot, tron has no value but he tries to get some more PR out of the malta think now. Bad thing maltese people are experts when it comes to car bombs, stay safe justin

All Justin sun does is copy/paste others to rid hype coattails, binance going to Malta, well internet 5.0 must follow..

Maltese are scummy cunts no wonder they hopped so fast on the blockchain scam



Why No one is talking about Belarus?
Is it because 5 year no tax promise is still not enough in a dictatorship and people are expecting a reversal and for it to be a lie?

While I agree that Sun is probably one of the most active users of social media, especially for manipulating Trx's price, I don't think we're giving the project enough credit.

We'll see on the 31st.

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So youre saying it is time to buy real state in malta fuck user is to soon i cant afford it i need to make it

Because it's the poorest country in Europe so it makes little difference about what they propose for cryptocurrencies

As a member of the European Union since 2004, and the European Economic Community, you would be entitled to live there as a holder of an E.U. Passport.

Though you might want to figure out your taxation situation, if you're a U.S Citizen.

as a member of the eurozone, malta doesnt seem too great a haven.
what happens if brussels decidea to override the malta government?

Interior assets, including corporate tax rate decisions, regulation etc.. are the sovereign right of the state to decide.

There is a reason Apple is headquartered in Ireland, along with a fuckton of other companies.



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general regulation on crypto hasnt been made yet. its definitely possible the ecb will force guidelines on the eurozone states (when they get around to it)

Fortunately for those in crypto right now, governments, international bodies, and even companies cannot make FinTech illegal.

All they can do is manage the companies within the space.

Crypto is the exchanges, the selling and buying ports, and the companies giving ICO's in lieu of IPO's.

That can be regulated. Binance can be regulated. Tron can be regulated.

But these guys know that it's jurisdictional.
Hence; Malta.

Can't fight the future.

>having token listed on Binance
>strategic partnership

only in crypto

Actually I think it may go further than simply being listed..
Sun gets around, and Hong Kong can be a small city for a couple of guys worth over a billion bucks.

Probably something in the works..
I don't doubt Sun has a plan to get his coin to a 1$.

if binance wanted to be regulated they would have stayed in japan

real estate in Malta is extremely overpriced for what you actually get. However, if they manage to to capture the crypto industry the same way they did with the iGaming industry, you'll see amazing returns on real estate.

t. somebody that lived in Malta for the last 6 years

Exactly right user.

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