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He wasn't lying


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thats not mr green

you're not

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in all seriousness, I am Mr.Green

and this will not end will

sorry to have to tell you this

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How low Mr. Green how low! been in tether for a while feelin swell

however low the others want to drive it down

i myself like to pump but this call is not up to me

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You're pretty cool. Thanks for posting here dude

BTC price EOY?

>the others

who dis?

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>he called me cool
>don't spaz out
>don't....spaz.....out.. user

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Interesting and thanks. Sorry to be cryptic here but if the diamond is no longer shining, what is? You might not know

5x short set. Let us see if the bulls can rally.

It does!!

not for you to know

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you have a nice pepe collection

tell me

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You're welcome :-)

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>calling apu, pepe

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Mr. Green

Does anything shine like diamonds but do the opposite?

is over green mr?

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no make preparations

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thank you fren

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you're welcome

good luck fren

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we're all going to jail it's over

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TELL me nao or my scary pepe will hunt you foreva

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i am not afraid
i will fight you scary pepe

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i am scared fren

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me too too

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another apu to add to my collection

thank you based user

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Mr. Green how many pets do you have?

pretty sad that u didnt have such a basic apu

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buy order at 6950, will i make it mr Anonstien?

i used to have a parrot

currently i have no pets

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u looking to fight?

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this is not even my final form

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we're all gonna make it

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alright pal lets go me and u 1v1

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here's something for you to eat

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how low we go?

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lewd apus best apus

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thank you mr. green

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Nice apus biz, just a quick question, what do you think of the faggot selling memes on the block chain, they are pretty cheap. Is it a good investment or a scam?

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nice just sold my 100k link to buy memes

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I heard the creator is creating a link memes section. May have been a mistake, you should be diversifying. Here's a link if you haven't been paying attention

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I'm not scared.

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tough guy eh? yeah....lets see about that

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Nice apus
Unironically going all in on the Apu release in the meme marketplace

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good luck fren

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no end in sight

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like i said...make preparations

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thanks fren

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