BTC Predictions

Do you have any predictions as to how far down BTC is going? There's the obvious "back to 800" and "we can't get any lower than 8000!" (and even the former is plausible in my opinion) but are there any serious people here with real opinions? Hard mode: justify your position.

Personally I think it's very plausible that we could bleed all the way back to 2k by the end of this year.

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6k is possible
5k is desirable
below 5k is black friday sale

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Possible we bleed to 2k or under, but I think 6k was the bottom, around 4k or slightly under is the lowest I see it going. The reason is I don't see the price going under the cost of mining a bitcoin. If the price drops below that, it'll probably bounce back relatively fast.

>The reason is I don't see the price going under the cost of mining a bitcoin.
Why do people keep saying this? It wouldn't be the first time that its happened.

Look at Syria, dumb fuck. Soldiers kill their own people, nothing new.

How long did it stay below the cost though?

Yes because holding off millions of armed citizens would be easy! Look at how we simple it was Vietnam and Afghanista... Ohh wait.

Until some were driven to stop mining and difficulty adjusted making it cheaper to mine.

I want to rebuy once we hit 4k. If we never go there and jump higher, I'm also OK with that.

Aghanistan / Vietnam is what happens when the underdog has weapons.
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next stop is 6500 usd, screencap

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>BTC is going to $1M or I’ll eat my own dick

Is this bait? The difficulty adjusts.

should really say "WARNING:" as well

I believe it

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Every year the same shit. People overfeel and act like fagets. 6k was the bottom, smart money already in. Not gonna let it under. 7,5k dip maximum, will close above 7,9k because its the ethernal support line. Git gud.

2 year bear market where it bleeds to 4-5k, then bullrun in 2020/2021 where it goes to 100k

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>Two year bear market
Honestly if we catch two years of bear it's gonna go sub 3k

>sand monkeys are the same as White men

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It would take an honest black swan event to push it below 6K. How long we go sideways depends on how long it takes the stock market to plug into crypto assets.


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