Has the peak already passed?

Explain to me why the 800B market cap we hit EOY wasn't the peak of crypto?

Will we ever moon like that again? Or will 99% of these shitcoins crash before another moon mission?

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there's a problem with the whales moving up btc's price. they'll resolve it soon though, and everything will climb back. keep hodling btc.

20 trillion by 2020.

t. US gubmint


I don't think there will ever be a moon mission in crypto anymore.

We'll just have normal "stock-like" growth of 20-30% growth every year when we hit the bottom. And that's only for the good products of course 99% is still going to crash to 0.

OMG,REQ,WAN,LINK,ETH,NEO are the only alts that will survive.

You tell me if was the peak...

>Crypto on every major news outlet every day consistently being the main headline
>People all over social media were buying
>Literal fucking pajeets were making money hand over fist
>Fucking Verge was worth over a billion dollars

And XRB brother.
Heavy bags.

Those alts sound like your personal holdings. Your stupidity is appalling.

Because marketcap doesn't mean shit maybe? Yeah

A-a-user, did you really fall for the LINK meme

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Because only a tiny fraction of humanity are involved in crypto? Because we're just seeing early stages of mainstream acceptance, promotion, institutional money, regulatory/government official tolerance, normie friendly fiat gateways etc etc etc?

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So you think monero won't comtinue to be used?
Typical link faggot

You guys are retarded if you think this is the peak.

>tfw newfags think it's all over every 2 weeks. Fuck outta here

>Explain to me why the 800B market cap we hit EOY wasn't the peak of crypto?
If you need that explained, you're either slightly dumb and very lazy or very very dumb.

Either way, not going to help you and I don't like you.

people were saying the shit after it went to $1000 in 2013

if you don't believe in the fundamentals of bitcoin, you should not have invested

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so fucking cheap today.
really wish I wasn't being just'd on OMG so I could get some

this gives so much hope

>Explain to me why the 800B market cap we hit EOY wasn't the peak of crypto?

Literally just Apple has a bigger market cap than the "peak" of the entirety of crypto
One singular company that doesn't even make up 4% of the S&P 500 alone

You'd have to take a pretty dim view of blockchain's potential to be out now

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People were saying this in 2011 also during the short run up to $30 before the slow crawl down to $2/coin.

the "coins" are worthless shit.... so that wont help longterm

btw make sure to buy chainlink, potcoin, gaycoin, kanyecoin, and litecoin

we all know about it, only a small % are stupid enough to buy in

kind of like many stupid ideas and scams

This is why a bear market is necessary. It is called the purge and it is fully operating right now

Sure like big whales don’t wanna go for that round 2 of becoming even more filthy rich.

Why are you comparing the dot com bubble, which was investment in tech companies, with crypto, which is a currency not a company? Are you dense?

Crypto is not a currency.

the winkelvi are cashing out its all over the news

>which is a currency


>which is a currency
you fucked up user.
ETH doesn't even want to be anything like one


this pic makes my dick diamonds

yup. both are right. It will skyrocket back up. the only question is. where is the bottom?

The fact that you tacked litecoin onto that list confirms that the moronic baboons who got into crypto in the past few months without so much as an hour of googling for information first are the ones exiting.
Good. Take all your money out and leave. Never come back.

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I think 5k-6k. Just an estimate based on break-even for miners and difficulty retargets

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Lmao... you dumbfuck