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I wanted to see you fail

so I could dump my bags

>basing your investment strategy on an actual meme

it's over
time to cash out
oh wait, you can't, lol

Seriously, try it.
You wasted all your money on internet bucks. There is no way to convert it back to fiat.
All those "exchanges" that claim to deposit your money into your bank? Those are scams, the deposit never goes through.
All those people saying it isn't a scam? They're shills for the scam "exchanges."

Anyone who tries to refute this post is a scammer shilling for scammy exchanges.

I kept on posting TA saying Longfags were going to be BTFO'd. I did my best to speak your faggoty language but here you are, still with dick in your mouth.

my dick

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how long we goin? i expect asia to dump some more in 6 hours

The price is going to be sozomized by bears for about 10 more days. If you know anything about TA put on a Hull MACD on the daily chart and watch for the MACD to bottom out and perhaps go flat for a day or so. That will be a temporary bottom where it may recover or go back down. You cannot always predict the bottom when the Hull Histogram begins starts to decrease (in absolute terms) because if the MACD is still decreasing the price is still dropping.

Here is the chart I posted a day ago. Look how long the run up was on the H-MACD since there was a bullish cross. We are now having a bearish cross. Look at what happened in the past with those crosses and prepare your shorts.

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Our dicks. We gonna Eiffel tower these bullfags.


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When you want to look at daily volume you need an exchange that has good historical data. That means it needs to be large, relatively old, and still in business. Bitfinex fits the bill.

hodling is the gayest stupidest meme ever created. im pretty sure everyone who told me to HODL was trying to make money off me, its a fucking jew scam

I could've made 20X my money. TWENTY FUCKING TIMES. But no, I "hodled lel xD" and now Im down below my initial investment. I could've sold and bought way more coins. Fuck you Veeky Forums

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It's also exit scamming.

I am not on bitfinex, I just use the ticker in tradingview. So long as the price information meets the criteria I outlined I don't care.

Same. I got memed on pretty hard.


Price and volume will remain stable if you can't sell to begin with. Don't get mememd

I thought it would be funny. I was right.

I have to say, the wojacks are increasing in quality dramatically in this epic dumping. I kinda like it. Everything has its good sides.

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Even now you can't take responsibility for your own actions still blaming others. With this attitude you will continue to fail.

1st rule of trading is you are 100% responsible for your own trades

you should have sold at 2X fucking tard, picking tops aint perfect

Same reason I told you to buy the dip. I needed someone to buy my coins.

HODL was a legitimate strategy in 2017 when we were in a bull market. Now things have been bearish for months and it doesn't work anymore.

>just #HODL
What did the early adopters and Charlie Lee mean by this?

well it does. most coins lost 90%. they won't just lose another 90%. buying and holding 3-12 months is actually a good strategy now.

It won't crash user, don't be a fag and own your shit.

The gold Rush is over. Crypto is basically beanie babies at this point.

Hodl only works in a bull market. You gotta inverse your strategy, either short of hodl fiat.

Would you like me to screenshot my Coinbase deposit to my bank for $10k?

needed time to sell my bags

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Holding in this market, oh user...

ignore this post

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Hodl high volume coins. Don't sell.

>pls ignore the fact those other dips were a few days long while the current "dip" is 3 months long and counting