I bought ETH on credit 4 weeks ago based on Veeky Forums‘s assurance that the rally was just around the corner

I bought ETH on credit 4 weeks ago based on Veeky Forums‘s assurance that the rally was just around the corner.

I’m feeling pretty down right now. Cheer me up guys.

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>on credit

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two rules. dont try to time the market & dont check the price if you buy the dip because you cant time the market....

Mcafee will have to eat his own dick soon

that should help your pains

Third rule: don't invest borrowed cash.

>buying on credit

Hey, you may have thrown money away that wasn't yours, but at least you threw it away on an obvious and dying scam.

That's not what Martin Shkhkrhkrelli says.

Dont worry. if ETH goes down the whole ship goes down, BTC is the lead weight that needs to die. Once it dies like it should, ETH or even bcash will reign supreme. We cant have a store of value that's as inefficient as BTC is to spend or transfer.

>listening to a guy whos in prison for fraud


>implying bcash or eth is a good store of value

retard, the only store of value is cloak coin and eos

>BTC is the lead weight that needs to die
t. nucoiner

I guess there's an exception for prodigious hedge fund managers. OP is likely just a regular dude.

I got a £25k credit card and maxed it out all on LINK too 3 weeks ago thinking it was on the way up. down almost 70%.

Honestly thinking about an hero.

I pray to God you're larping, otherwise you're the dumbest fucking human being alive

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It’s called leverage my man

Coinbase is adding ERC20 support. They must have intention on listing something eventually. What's good for ERC20 is good for eth.
That won't help today, but might down the line.

>I use Veeky Forums to make financial decisions


Mate I’m 37 and crypto has almost sent me bankrupt. I’m also unemployed right now. Don’t worry though, you have resilience and you can recoup your losses over time. Money is like water. It comes and goes.

>Third rule: don't invest borrowed cash.
Said literally no successful bank or investment house in the history of western capitalism

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I have many times in the past to great effect. You just need to make sure you have the time income to pay it back quickly if things go belly up.

I think that was the joke m9...

Also, did he not turn a profit for his investors? Idk, how is that a scam/fraud again?

- leaf