ChainShit is now at ¢34

>ChainShit is now at ¢34

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Time to buy more

Why is it dropping guise

last dip it went to $0.27 and climbed back up to $0.42.
i dind't buy the dip, wont make the same mistake twice.

Hope it goes below ICO price. Hope all LINK shills an hero.

wow rude

Why? That’s mean spirited of you. Are you not happy with your own life user?

What was the ICO price?


>no info on tokenomics
>no info on the progress of the contracts (the most important part)
>no solid info on users ready to use the network
>no answer to how many people are working full time on the project
>no ETA on when the main net will go live, let alone the core adapters for chains other than ethereum
>ripped to shreds by a code reviewer with no answers from anyone but the community manager (not even the technical communtity manager) and some random guy (jonny) who has a financial interest in the network being successful and now seeing that the whole thing is in question is having a crowdsale to get some eth and bounce.

Why did anyone buy this? If you get some answers to those questions it may be a good buy but right now you'd be an idiot to hold this. And no this isn't "buying the news," it's getting fundamental answers to questions that should be the bare minimum due diligence for buying into a project like this.

>can't answer

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Maybe I should sell.

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>Why did anyone buy this?
I bought it because i like the memes.
Im all in.

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I’d write a reply if you weren’t a braindead faggot not worth losing words on

>I bought at $1.30

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I just bought $100 of it.

$1000 EOY.

Linkies confirmed for getting stinky

That's my wall there at 4618. JUst wanna dump and tether up desu.

What was the ICO price btw?

You're never getting your money back bud. Hope you didn't fall for the memes

Tether is about to explode too

>buying gopnik coins

you deserve bankrupcy

These are all good questions though. You have to be in their slack to get any answers it seems. Its not FUD to say the team DGAF about keeping us updated, which is not encouraging. They didnt even have a sxsw stream ffs.

There are no answers to any of those questions because the devs are either scammers who got in too deep or jus as deluded as everyone who bought their shitcoin

that id is freaking me out. the memes are becoming sentient

>These are all good questions though
No they aren't.

TETHER UP BOYS YEEEEEEWWWWW!!!! hahaha just playing cunts

I'm the embodiment of REQ that has aimed sentience and come to Veeky Forums to tell you that both REQ and LINK are worthless shitcoins designed to dazzle the half-brained with a good idea that you're too dumb to realize is technically impossible.

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This is great, new FUD pasta, thank you for this

At least half of them are. Eta on mainnet. Size of the team and their exact employment status and what their duties are. There is STILL no official answer from the team to the medium fud. There is an answer from Johnny, who desu no offense to the guy but IDGAF what he thinks about anything, he gets details wrong and is not an official team member.

They owe you none of this information. Zero.

if it hits 30 stack of money here

I bought at 80 cents. Will I ever see that money again or no dice.

Not a chance

Mate fuck yourself, if someone funds your ico you owe them. End of. You dont get to go "oh thanks for the money shitheads now fuckoff"

it's not about what they owe anyone (which is nothing), it's about whether it's wise to buy these tokens with so many unanswered questions, to which the only real response is you trust them.

You could be an employee or even a major investor in a company, and chances are you wouldn't get this kind of info.

>it's about whether it's wise to buy these tokens with so many unanswered questions
In crypto, the more of these types of questions are answered, the bigger the chance that it's a scam.

Can you see for a reason for LINKs price to go x ~140% in the forseeable future in bleeding bear market like this? If not, then no. LINK is a good idea, but you will be waiting a long time to see it hit 80c again. It took 3 months for it to go from 20 cent to 45 cent.

Employees and major investors have strong legal protections and real companies have to keep public records and do audits

Audits on future development?

You're delusional.

Agreed. After emduring all the retarded spam, linkfags deserve to stay poor.

See you at 15 cents boyos

I hope so. I'd clear the order book out

The anons above do raise valid questions, but they have always operated this way. The ICO was open before the whitepaper was even published. People back then took it as a major red flag (understandably so), but so far I think the progress has been decent. Those original fears turned out to be unfounded. I remain confident in the project, keeping an eye on the news as it comes. I'm not emotionally invested enough not to jump ship if something fucked up comes out.